Clinics Offering Private Blood Testing

There are many clinics up and down the country that offer private blood testing so finding a location that is convenient for you should be no issue.  There are private hospitals that may have a service that allows you to order a private blood test. It also may be the case that your GP will have some form of private blood testing service that you may use despite not being medically recommended for a blood test on the NHS.

A complete private blood profile can cost as little as £95 and for more specific testing, you would be looking at prices in the region of £20 to £40. In addition to this however, you also need to factor in the costs of the private consultation that would be required to discuss the results of the tests performed. This will vary from clinic to clinic and dependent on the expertise of the practitioner involved. Some tests are more advanced, like paternity testing for example, therefore these tests may be more expensive to perform. Prices vary dependent on the clinic as well as where in the country it is located, with those in central London being the most expensive.

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