Reliability of Private Blood Tests

The reliability of the private blood testing you receive is highly dependent on the clinic at which it is performed. So long as the clinic is appropriately certified with their medical staff having received the appropriate training, the results should be trustworthy. Not all blood tests are absolutely conclusive for the conditions they seek to diagnose. Certain parameters, such as the level of some hormones in the body, may be influenced by more than one factor so exact cause of an illness may not be known straight away. Other tests, such as physical examinations or microscopic techniques may be required to allow for a more reliable and definitive diagnosis.

Your test’s exact reliability will be highly dependent on the type of private blood test you require. An example is in genetic testing for risk of any unborn babies having trisomy 21, also known as Down’s syndrome. In this specific type of test, research has demonstrated that it is 99% accurate for informing mother’s whether the foetus is at high risk or low risk and only 1% came back inconclusive therefore requiring further testing. As with anything, it is not 100% conclusive therefore if you have serious doubts or the symptoms you were experiencing still remain you may get yourself tested again. Science, therefore the equipment used to analyse and interpret your results, is evolving all the time so private blood testing is becoming more reliable, cheaper and accessible to all. With the completion of scientific ventures such as the human genome project, testing for DNA related problems is not only becoming more reliable, but is becoming far more common in today’s society.

It is not just genetic testing that this applies to, but to all private blood testing. Science as a field is massively moving forward as we enter into an age of technology, so it is likely that things will get even better in the years to come.

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