Types of Private Blood Tests

There are a wide variety of blood tests available to you privately to allow you to find answers for any particular concerns you have about your health.  What blood test you decide to have depends on the condition you are seeking to identify. A more general approach can be taken combining major blood tests to get an all rounded view of your health, or the blood test chosen could be more specific to look for a precise cause of certain symptoms.

A full blood count is an example of a very general blood test, looking at a wide range of parameters for certain conditions. It is often one of the first kinds of tests recommended purely because of the wide spectrum of problems it can indicate to being present. Following this, if something is found a more specific blood test may be needed to establish the exact cause of the issues. A full hormonal profile is another example of a blood test that may be performed when you have wide symptoms that may relate to one of many diseases. It again looks at multiple parameters and helps to limit down the cause to whether the problem is a hormonal based one or not. The results of the test will indicate which hormone is unbalanced, but not always why.

If your problems that you are experiencing more indicative of a specific disease, for example diabetes, then the blood test used can be far more focussed to either say yes or no to whether or not you have the suspected issues. There are many 100’s of these types of blood test, some more common than others. Some of the more common ones are blood glucose testing, antibody analysis, cholesterol test, etc.

Furthermore, there are a few blood testing techniques that are only currently available privately. This is mainly because they are innovative, new techniques that are still expensive so the governing body NICE have yet to approve them for NHS due to this high cost.

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