Blood Test for Paternity Testing

Sadly, life is not always simple. If you had sexual intercourse with more than one person around the time of conception, the paternity of your child may not be straight forward. It may be the case that you are unsure whether you are the father as you doubt your partner’s fidelity. Whatever the reason, knowing the child’s biological father is not only important for getting appropriate support from the right person, but for your child and their happiness in the future. The solution though is a very simple one: have a paternal blood test performed.

To perform a paternal blood test, samples need to be taken from any potential fathers and the child in question as a bare minimum, but a sample from the biological mother would also be highly beneficial for the process. However, the mother’s sample is not actually completely necessary, so if you fear any repercussions of  confronting her without knowing the future, it is possible for you to find the answers you seek without doing anything you might regret at a later date. The process can be started as soon as the child is born, so before you need to register the child’s birth certificate you can have the answer about who the father really is.

The type of paternity test you opt for will depend on exactly what you require it for. If you just want a piece of mind because you have insecurities surrounding the situation, a standard DNA test will suffice but if required for legal purposes, a specialised DNA will need to be done and certified in accordance to the court proceedings. The only difference between the two is not their reliability, but the certification involved. In a court situation, the test must be provided by a third party such as in a hospital for the evidence to hold in the courtroom.

The testing process itself is simple. The samples are collected from you, sent to the laboratory and then all you have to do is wait until you receive the results. It really is that simple. In terms of cost, paternity testing varies from place to place but costs on average between £100 and £150. The test has a very high level of reliability, approximately 99%, so you will be able to know the truth quickly and easily.

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