How Effective is Laser Skin Resurfacing for Acne Scars?

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The effectiveness of laser skin resurfacing depends on several factors. Your potential for healing, the severity of the your scars, the type of scars you have, the type of laser treatment you are given and the skill of your practitioner. If the situation is ideal; i.e. if you are a fast, effective healer, if your scars are of the most treatable depth and variety, if you are given the most suitable treatment and if your practitioner is very skilled, you could see marked improvements. Your scars should appear smaller, shallower and altogether less noticeable. It is important to remember that this kind of treatment does not completely remove scars but simply reduces the appearance of them.

Many people, however, have had negative experiences of laser skin resurfacing. It can cause far more problems than it can solve and can result in new scars made by the laser, hyperpigmentation and can even cause acne to redevelop. These cases are not as common as cases in which the improvement made by laser skin resurfacing has been minimal and has caused disappointment. The treatment is still relatively new and as yet not perfected, but many people do experience positive results. The best advice is to ensure that you have a good practitioner with the correct expertise who you trust.

Most Compatible Types of Scarring

Ice pick, boxcar and rolling scars can in some cases be treated effectively by laser skin resurfacing. However, it cannot be used for raised, keloid (hypertrophic) scars. Some critics suggest that this kind of scar treatment should be used only for severe cases of scarring as there is a risk that more harm than good can come of the procedure and that there are a number of less invasive, less risky treatments that can improve mild scars.

Alternatives to Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin removal is a reasonably invasive procedure as it beams through several layers of skin. If you suffer from severe acne scarring, this may be the best option for you but if your scarring is mild, there are less harsh processes you can undergo which may improve your scars and avoid any complications. These other techniques include: chemical skin peeling, steroid injections and dermabrasion.

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