How to Prepare for Laser Skin Resurfacing for Acne Scars

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At your appointment prior to your laser resurfacing treatment your practitioner should thoroughly explain both the procedure and exactly how to prepare for it. If you are at all unsure do not hesitate to ask more questions, call up for information or book another appointment in which to discuss how best to prepare yourself and your skin. Your practitioner may advice you to follow a particular skincare routine prior to your surgery or to use particular ointments but this is done at the practitioner’s discretion and can vary depending on the patient and the practitioner.

If you smoke you will be asked to stop smoking for two weeks before and after your treatment. You will be given the appropriate advice and support to help you with this. You should also be asked if you take any vitamins or supplements. If any of these are likely to affect the outcome of the resurfacing you will be asked to stop taking them around a week before treatment. Some vitamins and supplements cause the blood to thin and these should be avoided. These vitamins include: Vitamin E, Omega 3, other fatty fish oils and Ginkgo-Biloba.

In addition to cutting out certain vitamins and supplements you will also need to stop taking certain medications. You will only be asked to do this if it safe to do so. If you are at all unsure about stopping taking medication please consult your regular medical practitioner before doing so. This will avoid you risking your health. Medications that could create problems include those that cause blood thinning, such as Warfarin and the common acne treatment drug, Accutane (Isotretinoin).

If you are having extensive laser resurfacing treatment, which requires the use of general anaesthetic, you may be required to fast from 12am, the night before your acne scar surgery. This is done to ensure you have the most positive experience of anaesthesia possible. It is not necessary for you to be accompanied to your surgery but you must have someone available to contact in the unlikely event of any complications arising.

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