Natural Remedies for Melasma

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If your melasma is a long term condition, you may wish to avoid using medical remedies such as bleaching creams. These are designed for short term use and can cause the skin to become thin and weak making it more susceptible to further sun damage and discolouration. As a result of this and the cost of other, more permanent treatments many people chose to use natural remedies to aid their condition.

Considering Natural Remedies for Melasma

If you are considering natural remedies you should always be aware of their downfalls. Whilst many people experience results with natural remedies they are not medically tested or approved. This means that the results may vary and the remedy that other people claim to have used successfully may not be successful for you. It is important that you bear this in mind before spending a lot of money on expensive ‘miracle cures’ which are unlikely to deliver the results promised.

You should try to research each natural remedy. This may involve looking at their ingredients and doing online research, or asking your doctor what they would recommend involving certain treatments. Some natural remedies have been found to contain dangerous products and it is thus important that you buy your remedy from a reputable site within the UK.

Natural Acidic Remedies for Melasma

Many people recommend using natural acids to combat skin conditions such as melasma. This involves applying vinegar, onion juice, or lemon juice to your skin to help improve its appearance. Some people claim to have improved their condition using such techniques.

These acids work by attacking the very top layer of skin. After repeated exposure to the acid the top layer of skin begins to peel and removes itself from the underlying tissue. This can be effective as a cleanser, however it is unlikely to greatly reduce the appearance of melasma, which is caused by an excess of melanin deeper into the skin.

It is important that you handle any acid carefully. Although they may not seem dangerous even acids found at home can cause severe irritation, especially if they come into contact with the eyes.

Other Natural Remedies for Melasma

There are also other natural remedies that some people recommend to treat melasma. One of these is liquorice extract, which is believed to whiten discoloured skin. Rather than been applied to the skin liquorice extract is taken orally and some people claim to have achieved great results with it.

Other remedies involve keeping the skin as healthy as possible by applying natural products to it. By keeping the skin healthy, people hope to promote it to regenerate reducing the appearance of melasma as it does so. Vitamin E and aloe vera oil are often used in this context to keep the skin soft, moisturised, and healthy.

Many natural extracts are recommended to reduce melasma. However most people report that whilst these make the skin appear fresher and more healthy they do very little to actually combat melasma.

If you are considering using a natural remedy to treat melasma you should always research its effectiveness. Natural remedies are often used in conjunction with medical treatments to keep the skin fresh and healthy.

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