Cost of Omnilux Light Therapy

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Clinics in 2012 in the UK offer Omnilux treatment at anywhere from £45 - £60 per session, therefore a course of 4 weeks treatment that consists of 2 session per week costs from £360- £480. Some clinics may include homecare products in the price or have special offers for instance, prices for Omnilux light therapy have been listed at a cost under £23 per session for a course of three sessions in 2012 as a special discount price.

You may also find that this treatment is offered in conjunction with other treatments such as chemical peels and/or microdermabrasion as a “facial package” and this effectively reduces the prices of all the treatments included. Students may be fortunate to receive as much as 10% discounts at some clinics. Several clinics also offer refer a friend discounts.

Clinics offer finance packages as they recognize that this is an expense that may be unaffordable as an initial single payment. Some clinics offer the option of paying a smaller deposit, followed by monthly payments. You may be offered interest –free credit over a shorter period for example 12 months or an interest charge is added at approximately 20% interest if borrowing for longer say over 5 years.  The price may include the pretreatment consultation and post care.

Is Omnilux Treatment at Home a Cheaper Option?

You can purchase a handheld device to treat yourself at home at a cost of £199 – £212 in 2012 in the UK. There two devices to choose from, either the infra-red or red light emitting device called Omnilux new-U or the Omnilux clear-U red and blue light acne treatment. You can also buy the branded Omnilux skin care product packs for use with the Omnilux treatment at around £20 per triple pack. The hand held devices are supplied with goggles for eye protection, power supply, a manual containing full instructions for using the machine and with some packages the skin care products are included in the purchase.

However, the hand held devices do not cover the same surface area of skin compared to the larger lamps used at clinics. For instance the larger lamps emit enough light to shine over your entire face in 20 minutes whereas the hand held device would cover just 4 X 6 cm of our face (possible your forehead depending on our face shape ) in 20 minutes. If using the hand held device you would then have to move the device to treat your cheeks or other areas. This may be ideal if you have just one or two small areas of problem skin no larger than 6 x 4 cm in size per area. If you have larger or several problem areas, the hand held device treatment will take longer per session, by moving the device around to different areas of problem skin every 20 minutes. This extra time may be worth the convenience if you prefer to treat yourself at home whenever you have the time because of the reduced cost.

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