Omnilux Light Therapy Lamps

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There is no pain, no toxicity and no known side effects reported from the use of Omnilux or LED light therapy alone. There is always the possibility that you may be allergic to the treatment and you should test a small discrete area on your arm to see if an adverse reaction occurs before applying the Omnilux light to more delicate areas such as your face. For example when using the red and infra-red lamps first test red light and leave for 24 hours. If no reaction occurs test infra-red light and leave for 24 hours. If no reaction occurs then Omnilux light therapy is safe for you to use. If you have a reaction such as itching or rash or swelling/redness you may be sensitive to the light and should discontinue use of the Omnilux light therapy lamp.

The handheld lamp (6 x 4 cm in size) may be purchased that can emit both red and infra-red light or emit blue and red light. Both lamps are very similar and easy to use.  For example the lamp emitting red and infra-red light when used at home just requires it to be plugged in and switched on. There are three switch settings similar to a hair dryer. The switch is down for red light, switch centre for off, switch up for infra-red light. The lamp then automatically emits the light when switched to that setting. Hold approximately 1 cm away from the skin, not directly contacting the skin. Simply switch off the light when you have completed the time recommended (approximately 20 minutes) exposure per area of skin. For example if you have an area on the forehead and on the cheeks you would treat the fore head for twenty minutes then each cheek for twenty minutes, so total treatment time would be an hour. The hand held lamp treats areas of skin as large as 5 x 6 mins in size.

Is There Any Danger When Using the Omnilux Lamps?

You should make sure that you are wearing the goggles. Gazing at the light without goggles on can damage your eyes, particularly if you already suffering from or predisposed to eye disease, such as macular degeneration. When you are using the device, do not place the device onto the skin; just hold it above the skin. Follow general safety rules that apply to all electrical items, such as do not let the device come into contact with water. Whilst the device is plugged into the mains electricity supply do not attempt to open the casing of the device (for instance if trying to replace bulbs).

For How Long Should I Use The Omnilux Light Therapy Lamp?

Each area of skin should be exposed to the light omitted from the Omnilux device for around 20 minutes per area to be treated. The number of exposures required depends on the condition you are treating. For instance wrinkles have been reported to be improved in a little as 8 treatments (exposures) and treatment offered within clinics occur 2 twice a week for 4 weeks or 3 times a week for 3 weeks. The same pattern of exposure may be offered for acne treatment. However it may take 4-12 weeks after Omnilux light treatment has finished before for the full effects on skin growth and deposition of collagen are visualised.

How Should I Care For My Skin After the Omnilux Light Therapy?

If your skin is more sensitive to sunlight or you expect to experience high sun exposure immediately after your session you can wear sun cream. There is a nourishing cream that can be purchased from Omnilux or you can apply nourishing/protective moisturizing lotions. Generally stick to your good skin care routine, if possible using creams and cleansers that include antioxidants or retinoids.

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