Using Omnilux Light Therapy to Increase Wound Healing

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Light therapy has been shown to improve skin and oral wound healing by reducing inflammation and bleeding along with increasing cell numbers/growth and cell survival or protecting against cell death. Red light and near infra-red light may have positive effects on already damaged eyes, for instance damage to the retina and injured optic nerve was reduced in response to light therapy. Red light was protective for cells of the retina when animals were exposed to red light before the retina was damaged by exposure to intense light, lasers or to toxins. Those receiving red light had less damage to the retina. In fact red light and infra-red LED treatment is used to treat eye disease/disorder such as amblyopia (lazy eye) and may in the future be used to help conditions such as diabetic macular degeneration and retinopathy.

LED (940 nm) light therapy increased repair and reduced inflammation of tooth root tissue after the position of teeth were disrupted. Bleeding after tooth extraction was also shown to be immediately reduced in as little as 10-20 seconds. Accelerated nipple healing after trauma from breast-feeding, was also improved after 8 treatments of LED light therapy.

Studies using mice and rats in 2012 have shown that wound healing after superficial and deep burn injury is faster when treating with LED light therapy. This required 4 treatments over 7 days with 850 nm (infra-red) and 640 nm (red) wavelengths. Alternatively, daily sessions for 16 days was used to treat deep burns and the longer the treatment continued the more pronounced the results.  Blue light treatment may also be beneficial during wound healing because blue light at 470 nm has been shown to increase skin wound healing by increasing numbers of epithelial cells within the outermost layer of the skin.

Can Omnilux Light Therapy Increase Wound Healing Pre and Post Cosmetic Surgery?

LED red light treatment was shown to improve healing after retinal damage induced experimentally using lasers. Potentially this type of tissue damage induced by lasers is responsive to LED therapy. Therefore cosmetic laser surgeries healing time may be reduced using LED red and infra-red light therapy following procedure. In fact a clinical trial in 2006 used red LED light therapy on facial areas immediately after laser ablation and found that bruising and swelling were reduced when using the LED therapy. Healing was reported to be faster increased by 30-50%. In 2008 another trial reported reduced pain and increased wound healing occurred when using LED therapy after laser treatments to remove areas of skin bearing warts. This was confirmed by a study during 2009 were red light LED therapy again increased the speed of recovery (reducing side effects such as inflammation) at 24 and 48 hours following laser treatment on the face. LED light therapy treatment also reduced pain and swelling/inflammation following IPL treatment of facial areas during a clinical trial in 2008. Healing and overall appearance significantly improved when using infra-red light therapy treatment following laser surgery and traditional surgery on acne scared skin. 

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