Omnilux light therapy to Reduce Skin Aging

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Omnilux light therapy may also rejuvenate skin by reducing photoaging by decreasing visible wrinkles, improving your overall complexion and giving you a younger appearing skin. Cosmetic surgery clinics may offer Omnilux light therapy alone or with other procedures that rejuvenate skin. Omnilux light therapy may be used following micro-dermabrasion, chemical peels and with injections such as Botox TM or dermal fillers to help increase the effects of the treatment whilst aiding healing.

Omnilux light therapy may also be used combined with topical skincare products such as anti-oxidants to rejuvenate your skin. For example, LED light therapy has been shown to be even more effective when used in combination with other rejuvenating therapies, when combined with green tree extract as a lotion (applied to the skin) whilst having LED light therapy, wrinkles were reduced even more than when LED light therapy was used alone.

Omnilux Light Therapy for the Treatment Of Photoaging and to Rejuvenate Skin?

Pilot studies found LED light therapy reduced uneven pigment and wrinkles by 46% and cosmetic surgeons believe that LED therapy also has the potential to improve skin texture, skin tone along with reducing pore size. In 2008 a study reported that the use of the hand held LED device using infra-red and red light led to photo rejuvenation (or reversal of photoaging). A study in 2005 investigated the effect of combined red and infra-red LED light therapy at wavelengths 633 nm and 830 nm, on the rejuvenation of facial skin after 9 treatments. This study found that the overall profile of the skin surface improved, wrinkles around the eye area were improved and in over half of patients an improvement of 25-50% was seen in photoaging. Further studies in 2008 found comparative results to laser treatments regarding reduction in wrinkles. Laser surgery was the existing photo rejuvenation technique yet a study found no difference between the performances of the two methods for the removal of wrinkles. Existing laser therapies and intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy for photoaging are more painful techniques associated with increased risk of side effects and long recovery times. Therefore the use of coloured light therapy by LED to treat photoaging may require more treatments compared to existing laser and IPL therapy, yet it is less painful with no side effects in otherwise healthy individuals. Moreover, using red and infra-red wavelengths may be just as effective at reducing wrinkles.

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