Where Can I Get Omnilux Therapy?

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Omnilux light therapy treatment is not an invasive surgical procedure but you can have it performed at private health or cosmetic surgery/ beauty clinic or alternatively you can buy a hand held device and perform the treatment yourself at home.

Who Should Perform Omnilux Therapy?

You can perform Omnilux light therapy at home yourself or it can be performed by a qualified beauty therapist or a qualified nurse can perform the treatment for you at a clinic.

How Will I Look Following Omnilux Light Therapy?

Besides improvements seen for specific skin diseases, your general skin appearance is reported to be generally improved. You should notice that visible skin pores are fewer and skin is firmer and shiny.

Do I Have to Have Omnilux Light Therapy Redone?

The need for repetition of a course of Omnilux light therapy depends upon the condition you are treating. For instance your acne may flare up again after several months and you may then need more light therapy treatments. If you are aiming to reduce photoaging, adjusting your diet and sun exposure along with Omnilux light therapy may extend the duration of the results achieved. However your skin will naturally continue to age so you may want to have the treatment repeated after 6 months or a year or after every 2/3 months. Some clinics recommend monthly top up treatments. If Omnilux light therapy it is performed to promote healing then it should not need to be re-done after wound healing is completed.

How Can I Prepare for Omnilux Light Therapy?

You should cleanse the area of skin to be treated removing make up, lotions, fragrances and sun lotions. Common ingredients (Musk and 6-methylcoumarine) within fragrances and within sunscreen (para-aminobenzoic acid, oxybenzone, cyclohexanol, benzophenones, salicylates and cinnamate) can cause allergic skin reactions in the presence of light.

You can purchase the Omnilux skin care products that are proposed to work well with the treatment. The skin care products are basically cleanser, pretreatment serum to use during treatment and moisturizer/nourishing for use after the treatment.

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