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Clinics in Belfast

Therapie clinic

12-14 Queen's Arcade
Tel: 02890 244719
Information About This Clinic: From the vast array of clinics in Belfast you will find Therapie clinics offers a vast array of treatments within lushly furnished high end accommodation. Therapie clinic is in the impressive city of Belfast, just a short distance from the city centre shopping, parks and motorway junctions that transverse the river. Therapie clinic boasts the personal care and attention of Dr Hamilton, qualified, experienced medical doctor and surgeon who maintains a professional approach by continuing his professional development. Moreover the support of Therapie clinic will not stop post treatment, throughout your recovery if necessary Therapie clinic will always be available to continue its care by follow up monitoring. It also has extended opening hours until 9 pm on Thursday evenings with Saturday and Sunday opening
Dermal Fillers: You will first have a consultation or discussion, to advise on the dermal fillers and choice of dermal fillers for your particular expected outcome at Therapie clinic, Belfast. Dermal fillers are performed in a minimum time, meaning results are literally instantaneous however the best results are usually achieved after a few days following treatment and may need a course of more than 1 treatment for example twice yearly if you wish to maintain your new look. You skin should look younger, fuller, firmer, having reduced fine lines, reduced wrinkles and softened furrows after dermal filler treatment to the affected facial areas. Lips can also be enhanced looking younger with added volume, or your lips may naturally be thin and this too can be enhanced by dermal filler injections at Therapie clinic in Belfast.
Types of dermal filler available at this clinic: not specified
Botox: Botox is a short course of facial injections usually lasting less than 15 mins at Therapie clinic Belfast, with effects that can last for up to a year or for a few months depending on your individual treatment programme and skin type. Botox injections into the muscle relax the muscle leaving skin as though it had never been treated, whilst preventing wrinkles from reoccurring as long as this treatment is in place
Microdermabrasion: JetPeel' is used at Therapie clinic Belfast to improve not only photo ageing (the aged appearance of facial skin), also to improve texture and pigmentation of the skin all over the body, on any skin type. It can be used for blemishes on the skin such as those caused by acne along with use as an anti-ageing treatment. Saline with added skin conditioners such as vitamins are sprayed under pressure at the skins surface. This physically removes the outer layer of skin. A course of five treatments are considered most effective and down time is much reduced, reportedly there is no bleeding or breaking of the skin, unlike that which can occur with other methods of dermabrasion. In fact skin is described as being peeled similarly to a chemical peel with after effects lasting maximally 30 mins on average. Then you can return to normal your daily activities. Microdermabrasion at Therapie clinic, Belfast will also hydrate and provide microcirculation to the skin during this procedure.
Chemical Skin Peels: Therapie clinic, Belfast use high end chemical peels formulated with Aloe Vera to provide many of the soothing benefits of this natural plant extract. Your complexion should be renewed and revitalised, by the reduction in blemishes and areas of uneven pigmentation following a skin peel. Therapie provide a choice of at least 5 skin peels (Organic passion Facial, Wrinkle lift treatment, Acne lift treatment, Lightening lift treatment, 4-layer facelift) at the moment according to your taste, skin type and mood! You may feel that your skin is tired or ageing unnecessarily and doesn't have particular problems just needing a lift to revitalize, resurface and rejuvenate your complexion using gentle peels. Alternatively peels can be tailored to problem skin such as acne or rosacea. All peels lasting fewer than 60 mins with average time at 30 mins.
Dermal Roller: Micro needling for the face and body is in the form of derma roller treatment performed by competent Therapie clinic physician, Dr. Hamilton. After 4 - 6 sessions and 2 weeks following each treatment, the results should be visible, due to increased elastin and collagen beneath the skins surface. Derma roller treatments can have anti-ageing effects, effects on cellulite, pigmentation, blemishes, scars, stretch marks whilst firming and rejuvenating skin. The ultrafine needles that penetrate any areas of the bodys skin during derma roller treatments stimulates new skin growth in a way that cannot be replicated by dermabrasion or skin peels or other non-invasive methods. Along with these benefits does come temporary post treatment redness and mild soreness. However problem skin can be reduced and may even be eliminated for some skin types following this procedure.
List of All Treatments Offered at this Clinic: Massages (muscle melt, stress-a-way or spirit reviver), Botox, Dermal fillers, Dermal roller, dermabrasion (JetPeel), facials (using either Eve Lom, Dermalogica or K'raskin products), pigmenting of skin to form semi-permanent make-up, Hair removal by waxing, hair removal by laser, Laser eye surgery or 360 treatment, reduction in the appearance of cellulite (Velashape treatment), detoxification and weight loss using Cho Yung Tea.

Bella clinic Belfast

17 Malone Road
Tel: 028 90923388 or Dr Gehane Habib 07762765533
Information About This Clinic: Dr Gehane Habib has membership of the European college of Aesthetic Medicine and is therefore specifically trained, knowledgeable and skilful in procedures associated with cosmetic medicine that are performed at Bella clinic Belfast. This clinic offers treatments under the safe supervision of this qualified doctor who has a special interest in health, studying Exercise and Sports Medicine as a postgraduate. You may have free consultation after completing a treatment or series of treatments at Bella clinic Belfast, however cancellation fees also apply, so be sure about the treatment before committing! Uniquely home visits and treatments for small groups are available by Dr Habib or you can access similar services at the partner clinic in Londonderry. The Bella clinic Belfast is also conveniently open at weekends. Bella clinic in Belfast is situated close to motorway access and public transport yet is situated next to parks and pleasant distance views of the Irish countryside.
Dermal Fillers: Dermal fillers can plump or add volume to any areas of skin or to blemishes. Deep scars may be improved by adding to the levels of natural supporting (filler) material such as hyaluronic acid normally found underneath the skin. Lips can also be augmented using dermal fillers at Bella clinic Belfast. Radiesse gel contains calcium and water within a gel to replace the naturally filler, hyaluronic acid and collagen that naturally firms and strengthens skin. Collagen and hyaluronic acid are lost naturally during the skins aging process The Radiesse gel refills this space by injection under the skin to areas where it was once naturally present yet removed by aging or damage to the skin. Unlike many other dermal fillers, Radiesse is not a hyaluronic acid type filler and this gel filler is used because it not only replaces missing soft tissue volume it also stimulates the production of more collagen and therefore has a long lasting effect over a yearlong in some cases. The longer lasting effect is due to the deposition of collagen, as the calcium and gel degrade naturally the collagen is left behind like a scaffold maintaining the shape and supporting the shape underneath the skin. This filler can therefore re-contour your facial features such as the folds occurring around cheeks (nasolabial folds) or lips. Radiesse can also be administered with Lidocaine (an anaesthetic) to the make the treatments as relaxing and comfortable as possible at Bella clinic Belfast.
Types of dermal filler available at this clinic: Radiesse'
Botox: Botox is offered to reduce the aged appearance of skin and reduce frown lines, crow's feet and other fine lines caused by facial movements over the years. Injections of Botox are administered to the locations of the muscles that control the movement of the skin in these areas. This visible difference in wrinkle and line appearance after Botox treatment can be seen after a week or so and can last for many months.
Chemical Skin Peels: Skin peels offered at this clinic are Easyphytic Peels and TCA (Trichloroacetic acid) chemical peels. Eyes and lip peels are also being developed at Bella clinic Belfast. At Bella clinic Belfast there is a wide choice of intensity of chemical peel. Easyphytic peels are mild and gently medicated but efficient enough to exfoliate, removing the top layer of your skins surface. Revealing newer healthier skin and stimulating skin renewal. TCA chemical peels at Bella clinic Belfast can be performed on facial skin and other body areas according to your own personal requirements normally recommended as a course of 4 treatments. TCA peels are more penetrative, removing deeper layers of the skin and have more definite results, reducing areas of depigmentation or over pigmentation, decreasing appearances of scars, blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles and furrows. Generally rejuvenating the skin and giving you a healthier more youthful complexion. The peels can be chosen to be light, medium and deep but due to the greater level of penetration within the skin of all TCA peels, these medical grade peels are administered by doctors and nurses trained at Bella clinic in Belfast, according to regulatory advice on such treatments. These treatments are safe when used by doctors and nurses and these TCA peels are the most extensive treatment or peel currently available to licensed doctors and nurses.
Dermal Roller: Derma roller used at Bella clinic Belfast is also called micro needling and is used because of its ability to stimulate collagen formation,without the physical removable of the skins layers. The dermal roller consists of fine needles, which are rolled over the skins surface, to make small pores within the skin. This stimulates skin repair and renewal of scar tissue. Renewed skin replaces damaged skin and the new skin contains renewed levels of collagen and elastin. The latter proteins tighten skin and reduce the appearance of aging. After repair and renewal is complete and the appearance of skin blemishes or problem skin such as stretch marks and acne scarring can be improved by Derma roller.
Treatment for Hyperhydrosis: Botox can be administered by Dr.Habib at the Bella clinic Belfast, to reduce the excessive sweating that naturally occurs for some individuals, stopping the inconvenience of excess sweating that may affect the quality of your life.
List of All Treatments Offered at this Clinic: Derma roller, Botox, Dermal Fillers Radiesse', Skin, Eye or Lips Peels (Easyphytic or TCA), new more natural hormone replacement therapy (Bio ' Identical Hormone).

Nu Cosmetic Clinic

184 Lisburn Road
Tel: 0800 030 29 30
Information About This Clinic: Nu Cosmetic Clinic offers a range of cosmetic surgery and non-invasive cosmetic treatments. Nu Cosmetic Clinic has a team of international surgeons all qualified and having several years' experience in cosmetic surgery practices. Nu Cosmetic Clinic Belfast offers lifetime aftercare so this clinic appears confident that they will perform your treatment satisfactorily to your high standards. Free consultations are available and in-depth reviewing of the procedure before you make a decision. You will also be advised on the 0% finance packages offered on procedures. Qualified nurses may also perform the non-invasive treatments such as skin peels. Nu Cosmetic Clinic has branches in many major cities across the UK indicating that they offer a successful and competent business service.
Dermal Fillers: This gel is offered as a skin plumper at Nu Cosmetics Belfast in a treatment lasting 15 - 30 mins. Restylane dermal filler at Nu Cosmetic clinic Belfast has a thinner consistency compared to other fillers or hyaluronic acid based fillers. It can therefore be used at Nu Cosmetic Clinic, Belfast to fill larger volumes or areas beneath the skin compared to other dermal fillers. This filler replaces water volume, helping to maintain the lost elasticity of the naturally ageing skin and can be used to contour the face as well as remove deep wrinkles and deep lines. The small needles size and easy relocation of the injection site around the facial skin means that this treatment can be targeted precisely to the areas where your complexion requires treatment. This is a particularly good treatment for those deep wrinkles and lines that may not be improved by simple Botox injections. After a couple of days, your skin should appear fully recovered looking smoother and revitalised. Initial treatment is usually a course of three treatments and then the product naturally degrades after 6 - 12 months. Therefore to maintain the youthful appearance of your skin, the treatment needs reapplication once every 6 or 12 months. Lips also become thinner as we age naturally and so plumper lips can also make you appear younger. You may have lips enhanced by lip dermal filler treatment in a single combined consultation and treatment session, with immediate effects lasting for up to one year because the lip filler works with movements of the lips, supporting lip shape. Nu Cosmetic clinic will make you as comfortable as possible whilst restyling thin lips that may make you appear nervous, cruel mouthed or unhappy.
Types of dermal filler available at this clinic: Restylane'
Botox: Nu clinic Belfast use Allergan Vistabel' (Botox) to prevent the loose skin, overlying facial muscles from causing fine wrinkling lines around the eye areas, forehead or between the eyes. Other areas may be treated under the guidance of experienced and skilful surgeons, such as lip, chin and even frown lines. From the first treatment the injections should give fast relatively painless improvement in visible, diffuse wrinkling of the skin. The muscles are relaxed and the further movement is in effect painlessly prevented by the Botox treatment. However results last only 3-4 months.
Chemical Skin Peels: Acid skin peels are offered at Nu cosmetic clinic in Belfast to revitalise and renew your complexion, to treat problem skin and photo aged skin (the aged appearance of facial skin due to sun exposure), blemishes and lines. The skin peels can reduce the appearance of specific blemishes or just tired skin. You may have as many or as little as is agreed desirable during your consultation to treat your needs.
Treatment for Hyperhydrosis: In 30 - 45 minutes Nu cosmetic clinic Belfast can alleviate excess sweating from areas such as palms and underarms. Botox is used as a series of injections to the affected areas and within 2 weeks you can see improvements in your condition and this can last for up to a year. It is not possible to eliminate the cause of sweating because it is currently unknown as to why excess sweating occurs. It is known that you are likely to have a close family member whom also suffers from Hyperhidrosis, indicating that this conditions is inherited. You will therefore need repeated treatments possibly once yearly to restrain the sweating and allow you to continue a normal life, with no more embarrassing social or professional situations.
List of All Treatments Offered at this Clinic: laser treatments for hair removal, removal of thread/red veins, dermal and lip fillers, skin peels, Botox (Vistabel) for facial areas and underarm areas.

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