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Restylane is one of the ever growing options of dermal fillers available today, and since its first manufacture and introduction to the UK in 1996, has proved to be one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatments around. It is primarily used as an anti-ageing or face contouring treatment and has been noted by many happy customers to produce a range of subtle and dramatic, confidence-boosting effects.

Dermal fillers are comprised of a gel that is designed to be injected into various places on the body, underneath the skin. They have become increasingly successful as a cheaper, less painful and generally safer alternative to surgical cosmetic procedures.

Restylane is one of a few available brands of dermal filler treatments that primarily use Hyaluronic Acid in all of their treatments. Hyaluronic Acid is a completely natural substance that is found in the body already – especially within the skin. The presence of Hyaluronic Acid within the skin is one of the factors that contribute to the ageing process, and as we age, the amount of Hyaluronic Acid (or Hyaluranon) naturally gets depleted. This process can be sped up due to certain lifestyle choices such as a poor diet, smoking and drinking, as well as excessive exposure to UV and UVB rays.

The way Restylane works is to give you a top up of this acid, rehydrating the skin. The effects of this are a plumping and smoothing of lines or wrinkles, and in certain, more intense products in the Restylane range, a complete remodelling of certain features.

A major reason for more and more women and men of all ages opting for treatments such as Restylane – besides the financial and medical reasons – is due to this natural Hyaluronic Acid makeup of the product. As it is a pure product, it is not tested on animals and many people do not have to undergo prior testing to treatments.

Restylane offer a range of products designed to meet a range of individual needs. These include Restylane, Restylane Perlane, Restylane Touch, Restylane Lipp, Restylane Sub Q, Restylane Vital, and Restylane Vital Light.

Uses of Restylane Sub Q

Restylane Sub Q is one of the most intense Restylane products available. It designed for a more dramatic ideal of cosmetic changes, such as the remodelling of facial contours, especially the cheeks and jawline.

Due to its more intense purpose, the Restylane Sub Q gel is a little bit thicker than some of the other products available, and needs to be administered with a thicker needle deeper into the dermis. Many people use this product as an alternative to a fat transfer – which is substantially more expensive, painful and risky.

It is vitally important that Restylane Sub Q treatments are only administered by a fully qualified medical professional. You should never go to a poorly trained or inexperienced practitioner who fails to meet with the standard requirements, even if many of these people may be substantially cheaper than others. It is also important to ensure that the practitioner you have decided to go with has some kind of experience in cosmetic enhancements, as when the Restylane Sub Q treatment is injected, a lack of knowledge of facial contours may mean that it will take a couple of goes to locate the correct place. This can lead to bruising and increased pain for you.

Generally though, the Restylane treatment is relatively simple and straightforward. Depending on your personal pain thresholds and the extent of your treatment you may be administered a local anaesthetic beforehand, but this is not required. Some people state that they feel very little discomfort with their treatment, but others do profess a considerable amount of pain; what you will feel will depend on you entirely.

After the anaesthetic (or lack of), your practitioner will mark the area to be injected, ensure that you are okay with everything and then slowly inject the syringe and Restylane Sub Q gel. The effects are immediate, but the final results that you desire are usually fully established anything up to six weeks after your initial treatment. Restylane Sub Q is one of the longest lasting dermal fillers on the market and can last up to eighteen months.

Restylane Risks and After Effects

As with all treatments of this type, there are always going to be a few risks involved. However, as Restylane is made up of Hyaluronic acid – which is a natural and pure substance – the risks of long lasting or serious after effects are very slim. It is not, however, recommended for pregnant women, women who are currently breast feeding and people with a hypersensitivity to Hyaluronic Acid.

Other risks include the possibility of developing an infection or having an adverse reaction to the product. These are risks commonly associated with all injections and although could potentially lead to scarring, are normally quite simple to put right. Some noted side effects of the Restylane Sub Q treatments are slight bruising to the injected area, redness and swelling. These are common in most Restylane customers, but are usually not severe enough to have to change anything in your day to day routine. Many customers get the treatment and carry on the day as normal, but it is advised to stay out of extreme temperatures and bright sunlight for a couple of days.

These side effects differ in each person and the risk of more serious effects can in each case be dramatically reduced by the choice of practitioner. The more experienced, the higher the probability of a smooth treatment with little bruising, pain and redness.

Benefits of Restylane Sub Q

Restylane Sub Q is a very popular product due its many benefits, including the duration period of each treatment – each session can last up to eighteen months. This means that the number of repeat treatments you will need if you wish to keep up with your new look will be drastically reduced in comparison to other treatments of this kind, ultimately saving you money and time.

Another benefit is that the treatment is a non-invasive procedure. This means that as opposed to the more extreme surgical alternatives, the Restylane Sub Q treatment is quicker, less painful and also substantially less risky – especially seriously dangerous risks.

Drawbacks to Restylane Sub Q

As with anything, there are also drawbacks that need to be considered when you are thinking about having a Restylane Sub Q treatment. One example of a potential drawback is that the treatment has been noted to cause an outbreak of cold sores – so if you’re liable to cold sores, this outbreak could make the whole process a bit uncomfortable.

Other drawbacks include the common side effects and the pain element of the procedure. Both of these though are unavoidable with any injection, and especially in the cosmetic enhancement sector. Redness, swelling and slight bruising may occur, though the extent will depend on each individual case. These will usually disappear within a week of having the treatment though, so it is not a huge issue for many people.

As the skin is broken at the point of injection, there is of course also a risk of infection. This is an important thing to look out for as it could result in scarring and other quite serious complications. If you do think that the point of injection has become infected, your practitioner will be able to advise you on the best options to reduce the possibility of permanent damage.

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