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The majority of people will be subjected to stretch marks at some time in their life. Both men and women can develop stretch marks for a number of reasons and these can seem unsightly on the skin. Numerous treatments have been developed to make their appearance more aesthetically pleasing and the development of lasers has pushed this area of treatment to a new level.

Laser stretch mark removal is a simple procedure designed to improve the appearance of stretch marks by making them less visible. Stretch marks can occur for a number of different reasons, the most common being pregnancy. The majority of pregnant women will be subject to stretch marks due to the quick expansion of the skin. Other causes include puberty, rapid weight change, bodybuilding or corticosteroid hormones.

Stretch marks form when the skin is stretched too tightly. The skin consists of layers and if the top layer loses its elasticity or is rapidly stretched, it can break and the under layers appear through the skin. These are what give rise to the scarring called stretch marks or Striae.

Laser Stretch Mark removal is able to reduce the appearance of the stretch marks so that they are not as noticeable on the skin. It works by passing pulsed light over the area, which will create tiny holes in the skin. This will stimulate the skin to produce collagen and hence new skin so that the stretch marks reduce over time. The laser can also remove the redness of the stretch marks, which is caused by broken blood vessels on the surface of the skin. The laser acts upon these and closes them up so that the redness will disappear.

It is a very effective method of stretch mark removal and there is little pain associated with the procedure. Over three quarters of patients are satisfied with the results and there are little risk factors involved. You will need between 4-6 treatments but the results are recognisable after the first couple of rounds. This form of procedure is purely for cosmetic reasons and so will not be covered by the NHS. Therefore, you will have to pay privately to have your stretch marks removed, with the starting price of one procedure estimated at £150.

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