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Teosyal is a dermal filler, and one of the ever growing 21st century alternatives to cosmetic surgery. Created and manufactured by Teoxane laboratories in Switzerland, Teosyal hit the UK around 2005, and has proven to be very popular with many women, and men, around the country wishing to get plumper, smoother and more supple skin, often resulting in shedding years from their appearance without the pain, expense and hassle of a surgical procedure.

Teosyal offers a range of different products, each dependent on what each individual requires from their treatment. These include products especially designed to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles such as the Teosyal Fine Lines, a product designed for the plumping and volumising of lips in Teosyal Kiss, and heavy duty products such as Teosyal Ultimate, designed for very deep lines and remodelling of the face.

The most well-known and used form of Teosyal is as an injection. In the injection form it is a gel injected directly into the desired area, usually in the points of the skin in which the tissues relax. This results in an immediate tightening and plumping effect. The other readily available type of Teosyal product is their non-surgical cosmetic range. These products include a natural cosmetic dermal filler and cover up. The active ingredients in the products have been noted to correct imperfections such as lines and redness, and enhance the complexion.

Teosyal is primarily made up of Hyarulonic Acid. This may sound like a bit of a daunting thing to be injecting into your body, but scientists have established that Hyarulonic Acid is a natural protein, found abundantly and naturally within our bodies already, largely as a major component of our skin.

As we get older the cells in our skin stops producing as much of this Hyaluronan. This is a process which is often sped up by excessive exposure to UVB and UV rays. Whether this be due to dedicated sun worshipping on holidays over the years, the use of sunbeds or just general exposure to the sun, each and every one of us are eventually affected in some way by UV rays to a certain extent. The way Teosyal combats this and makes the skin look younger and plumper is by injecting you with almost a ‘top up’ of Hyarulonic Acid. This hydrates the skin and promotes healthy skin function, which in turn adds volume beneath the skins surface. Many anti-wrinkle cosmetic products readily available also contain Hyarulonic Acid due to these rehydrating properties, as well as Teosyal’s own range of cosmetic products.

Because Hyaluronic Acid is already found naturally within the body, Teosyal is one of the most natural ways of gaining a healthy, younger look. Cosmetic surgery such as a face lift, brow lift, eyelid surgery and eyebag surgery are often very expensive, substantially more painful and, as all surgical procedures do, carry some significant dangers. Although Teosyal and other kinds of dermal fillers are not 100% risk free, the risk is very slim and treatments – when administered by a medical professional and followed by the guidelines – carry no significant dangers.

Teosyal has regularly received rave reviews from many happy customers. Teosyal has been described as one of the safest, cheapest, most pain free and convenient methods of this type of cosmetic improvement, especially in comparison to cosmetic surgery.

The treatment can be administered to various places on the body, the most popular being of course, the face. On the face some of the most targeted areas are the ‘smile’ lines and brow furrows. However, it can also be administered to the neck, hands and according to some sources, the chest area. 

Depending on your age and other issues such as the effectiveness of your immune system and the extent of the results you wish to achieve, it can take between one to three primary sessions to fully achieve the desired results. This is dependent on what product you use and what you individually are having done, but all treatments have an immediate effect.  After the initial treatment, around one or two maintenance sessions are sometimes recommended to maintain the original results.

Dependent on the individual, the effects of Teosyal last between 9 – 18 months. This is also reliant on on which brand of the product you wish to go for. The Teosyal range has seven different products tailored for different needs – from the Teosyal Thin Lines which is recommended for use on fine lines and superficial wrinkles such as crow’s feet, to Teosyal Kiss – designed specifically for use in the lips. Generally the more intense the product used, the longer it will last. So for example, Teosyal Ultimate can last for up to 18 months due to the heavy duty purpose of the product, whilst the average duration of Teosyal Meso is around 6 months.

As well as the standard range of products offered, Teosyal have now developed a PureSense range of Hyaluronic Acid Gels with added Lidocaine. Lidocaine is a globally recognised and used local anaesthetic. The PurseSense range therefore offers a less painful way to reduce wrinkles and achieve the ideal appearance than the traditional Teosyal injections. A study conducted by Multicentre Study France in 2010 claim that 9 out of 10 people tested found the injection significantly less painful when compared to an injection without the added Lidocaine.

As already mentioned, the Teosyal treatments are considerably cheaper than cosmetic surgery. The costs vary for a variety of reasons, including different costs from each practitioner, the area treated, the exact product that you decide to go with (for example, Teosyal Ultimate or Teosyal Deep Lines) and how much of the product is needed. However the average price for each treatment ranges from £200 - £400. However, Teosyal Ultimate is a little bit more expensive, costing around £600 per 3ml syringe. This is due to the nature of this particular product in its recommendation for remodelling of faces that require large volumes of product, and for correcting deep skin depressions.

Due to the relative popularity of this kind of non-surgical alternative to looking younger and healthier, Teosyal treatments are readily available in treatment centres up and down the UK.

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