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Velashape is a new form of weight loss that has come across from America. It is aimed at women, specifically women who have given birth and is designed to be most effective when it is being used on the stomach and hips. It was developed specifically to be used by women who are finding it hard to get back into shape after their pregnancies. To this end, Velashape works on the cellulite that can develop. The main advantage it has over its competitors is that, unlike others, VelaShape is the only weight loss program that is actually approved by the FDA. It has been developed over a number of years, the result of which has been a number of ‘generations’ of Velashape treatments the most recent being the Velashape that has been developed by Syneron.

How Does Velashape Work?

Velashape works using a combined energy called elos. This is used to target specifically the fatty tissues within cellulite. It works by heating up the fatty tissue which causes it to dissipate. The heat that is transferred to the fatty tissue causes metabolism to speed up and cause what is known as lymphatic drainage; this is where the fatty tissue is essentially drained from your body. To further this treatment, the surgeon will also use a vacuum to even out the skin and make it smoother, both to look at and to touch.

What is elos energy?

Elos is a new type of energy that is being used by a number of companies as a form of weight loss that does not require any form of surgery and from this point of view it is an interesting alternative and avenue if you are looking for a way to lose weight but are unwilling to commit to surgery. Elos combines the two energies of bi-polar radio frequency and optical energy. While one is a radio frequency and the other a laser, the two are used frequently in a medical setting. Radio frequency works through sending the energy in short bursts into the skin rather than one continuous stream. Elos uses a bi-polar frequency rather than mono-polar energy because, unlike mono-polar energy, the bi-polar frequency uses two electrodes. This means that rather than travelling straight through the body to penetrate deeply, the frequency curves from one electrode to the other. Through doing this the frequency can be better controlled to only penetrate the fatty tissues that are closer to the surface of the skin. The main problem that is encountered when using Bi-polar frequencies on their own is that they do not affect the parts of the body that they need to. To this end, therefore, the lasers were added to the bi-polar frequencies. The laser’s job is to increase the temperature of the area that the radio frequency is attempting to effect. This in turn lowers the tissues ability to stop the Bi-polar frequency from doing its job, therefore making it far more effective than it would have been. As mentioned above, this newest ‘generation’ of elos energy has been developed by Syneron, which uses this combined system of energy.

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