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Clinics in Cambridge

Profile clinic

2 Newmarket Road
Tel: 01223 300 500
Information About This Clinic: Profile clinic in Cambridge offers a range of treatments performed by experienced professionals that are aimed at rejuvenating and enhancing the appearances of men or women. Profile clinic in Cambridge have competitive pricing, special offer pages on the clinic website and offer free consultation. Cosmetic aesthetic procedures and treats at the spa, such as relaxation therapies, massage and skin care in the form of facials is available. Staff at Profile clinic in Cambridge include patient advisors and trained, registered, qualified cosmetic surgery consultants. The clinic is set near to parking for the city centre and close to tranquil open spaces and parks, opening during normal business weekday opening times.
Dermal Fillers: Profile clinic in Cambridge offers a choice of semi-permanent or permanent dermal fillers for facial, neck, lips and hand areas. Dermal fillers restore the effects of aging such as thinness and weakness of skin that is due to hormonal influence. Aging skin does not renew as often or as fast compared with new skin, along with natural loss of more collagen and elastin with age. This leaves skin looking flat or even sunken in areas. All of the semi-permanent fillers offered at Profile clinic in Cambridge are hyaluronic acid substitutes, which replace volume anywhere elastin and collagen have been lost. Hyaluronic acid also attracts and binds water to strengthen skin, endowing bestowing firmness and elasticity. Injections of dermal fillers take a maximum of 20 minutes to perform and results with smoother plumper, stronger, more elastic skin which can be sustained for up to 9 months. The fillers at Profile clinic in Cambridge can also be used to permanently correct natural scarring or unevenness in shape/volume of the nose, chin or cheeks.
Types of dermal filler available at this clinic: Bio-Alcamid, Restylane, Perlane, Juvaderm and Teosyal.
Botox: Facial muscle movements occur constantly throughout life, this eventually leads to permanent damage to the skin, by decreasing the available collagen in the areas where wrinkles form. Botox, Dysport or Vistabel are used at Profile clinic in Cambridge to paralyse these problem muscles only, which prevents further wearing of the overlying skin due to reducing collagen and elastin. Botox is safe and reversible treating wrinkles or lines around the eyes, mouth and forehead. Doctors at Profile clinic in Cambridge use small injections of Botox that can made painless with topical anaesthetic if required.
Chemical Skin Peels: TCA peels (Obagi Blue peel) or a combination Zo peel (that includes citric, lactic and salicylic acids) termed the Ossential Stimulator are performed by doctors at Profile clinic in Cambridge. The peels may be recommended as a series of treatments to remove blemishes/scarring or to reduce the effects of photoaging that are induced by sun exposure. The peels literally peel away the damaged layers of skin and stimulate the regrowth of the outer surfaces with renewed levels of collagen, elastin and other components generally present in younger newer skin.
Treatment for Hyperhydrosis: Sweating can result from known causes such as exercise or the cause can be unknown, as is the case for suffers of the condition termed hyperhidrosis. Men and women suffering from this condition can find performing everyday tasks, emotionally and physically distressing. Profile clinic in Cambridge offers the treatment of hyperhidrosis by performing several small injections of Botox, this prevents nerves from triggering sweat release and lasts generally for 6 months. Botox for the treatment of excessive sweating can be performed on face, feet, palms, armpits.
List of All Treatments Offered at this Clinic: Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy to reduce acne, hair growth, thread veins, uneven pigment, or the appearance of skin aging. Botox, A vast array of top to toe skin treatments, massages, facials, hair removal by waxing, massages, prescription facial products (The Obagi system), manicures, male grooming, shaping/colouring of eyebrows or eyelashes, skin peels of medical strength, dermal fillers for lips and face, hands, neck, weight loss by the treatment of cellulite and fat deposition (Endermologie technique).

The Erian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery

4 Trumpington Road
Tel: 01223 208 268 or 01223 207 131
Information About This Clinic: The Erian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery in Cambridge forms a part of a chain of clinics, having partner clinics in Nottingham, Leicester, Harley Street, London and within the Welbeck hospital London. The Cambridge clinic is a part of the Nuffield Hospital which is located within Cambridge. The clinic is managed by Dr Erian, author of books and an academic, as well as clinical surgeon in his specialism of cosmetic surgery. Trained with and by internationally practicing surgeons, Dr Erian has attended numerous conferences and written many peer reviewed articles on cosmetic surgery. The Erian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery offers high standards along with competence in all aspects of patient care, denoted by the many testimonials found on the clinics website. If you are still unsure about choosing The Erian clinic you can attend a free open evening before committing to a procedure or treatment. Open evenings usually last for an hour and a half hour and you can meet Mr Erian at any one of the clinics where treatments and consultations would normally take place.
Dermal Fillers: Dermal fillers can be used to create a literally instant change in the appearance of your deep wrinkles, lines and furrows. At the Erian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery in Cambridge injections of Juvederm ultra, one of the newest Hyaluronic acid filler can be performed in as little as 30minutes. Juvederm ultra has an improved formula which prevents lumpiness of the filler post-injection, it also has added anaesthetic and lasts linger before degradation, typically around 12 months. The Juvederm ultra ranges of fillers are semi-permanent yet are easier to administer and give a smoother finish. Practitioners at the Erian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery in Cambridge select the exact type of Juvederm ultra, to suit the problem facial areas and depth or severity of areas needing treatment. Several dermal fillers are based on the gel like hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring filler, within new/young skin. Restylane is a similar type of filler also hyaluronic acid based, that is more stable and will not break down quickly when introduced into older skin. Restylane is a well-known, well tolerated and most used filler across the world in aesthetic clinics.
Types of dermal filler available at this clinic: Restylane, Juvederm ultra 1, 2 and 3.
Botox: At the Erian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery in Cambridge Botox can be performed on the neck and facial wrinkles, to rejuvenate or soften the facial expressions formed as ageing occurs. Botox works on the muscles to prevent their movement, this can work for as long as 12 months for some treatments in the experience of doctors at The Erian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery. Small quantities of Botox are injected through the skin, into the muscle to prevent wrinkling of the skin. This procedure will take about 10 minutes to perform at the Erian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery in Cambridge.
Chemical Skin Peels: If you are looking for an extensive skin peel and therefore corrections of deep blemishes, then The Erian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery offers a skin peel so extensive it is termed the Exoderm lift. At the Erian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery in Cambridge this requires the use of an anaesthetic and you will be asleep whilst this is performed. It appears to be a phenol based lotion applied to the skin and removes skin layers to a deep level, removing deep wrinkles, pigmentation and other problem skin associated with aging or photo damage. This procedure can even removes the thickening areas of skin that may eventually lead to non-melanoma skin cancers. New, growing skin has increased levels of collagen and elastin, these proteins give the appearance of the new skin being tighter, smoother and younger than before treatment. Lighter chemical peels that do not require anaesthetic are not as extensive as the Exoderm lift and are also suitable for those having lighter skin tones. The Erian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery at Cambridge offer TCA peels of various strengths that can be applied to the face, neck or hands. Body peels may also be available The Erian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery in Cambridge on areas such as the buttocks.
List of All Treatments Offered at this Clinic: The Erian Centre for Cosmetic Surgery in Cambridge has an own brand range of skin care products for home use, Botox, Chemical peels (phenol and TCA), dermal fillers, body peels.

Rejuvenate Medical Aesthetics

House of Beauty, 52 Victoria Road
Tel: 07864 868787 or 01223 313701
Information About This Clinic: Rejuvenate Medical Aesthetics is located at House of Beauty, Cambridge and has partner clinics in the surrounding towns of Cambridge and Peterborough. House of beauty is a traditional doubled fronted shop, located on a small mainly residential street just outside Cambridge town centre with parking at the rear. Rejuvenate Medical Aesthetics is managed by a registered nurse Naomi Garcia, who is also an aesthetics practitioner. The ethos at Rejuvenate Medical Aesthetics in Cambridge is that individuals should have individual treatment plans that are tailored to meet their individual needs. Naomi's training includes experience as an aesthetics practitioner within a Harley Street clinic and she ensures that the high standards of professionalism and care are maintained within her practice by regularly attending conferences or other additional continuing professional development forums. Rejuvenate Medical Aesthetics in Cambridge is open Tuesday to Friday and until 2 pm on Saturdays.
Dermal Fillers: Rejuvenate Medical Aesthetics in Cambridge offer topical anaesthetic application to ensure a comfortable experience is maintained whilst having dermal filler treatments. Rejuvenate Medical Aesthetics in Cambridge use dermal fillers to reduce uneven symmetry of the face, smooth the skin from wrinkles, remove lines or furrows from the forehead, around the nose/cheeks, under the eyes, over and around the lips (frown lines) and to plump lips. Fillers are injected under the skin to physically fill the space in the deeper layers of the skin where collagen, elastin and have been degraded during aging. The rejuvenated and fresh appearance of skin, created by dermal fillers may last over a year in the experience of staff at Rejuvenate Medical Aesthetics in Cambridge.
Types of dermal filler available at this clinic: Juvederm ultra
Botox: Botox can be performed by staff at Rejuvenate Medical Aesthetics in Cambridge to give you a more youthful facial appearance and complexion. Botox prevents further destruction of the collagen within the skin which is caused by muscle movements. Botox injections performed by Rejuvenate Medical Aesthetics in Cambridge can prevent wrinkles for up to 6 months at a time. However unlike dermal filer treatment the anti-aging results following Botox will not be apparent for around 2 weeks.
Chemical Skin Peels: Rejuvenate Medical Aesthetics in Cambridge offer skin peels of the d'colletage (lower neck/upper chest areas), neck and face. You may choose glycolic acid (AHA) or TCA skin peels. At Rejuvenate Medical Aesthetics the TCA peels are more expensive and are offered as a shorter course of 4 treatments compared to the AHA peels recommended to be taken as a course of 6 treatments. The glycolic acid peels exfoliate skin, refreshing the complexion and will reduce mild to moderate problem skin such as acne/scarring fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes or areas of even pigmentation. TCA peels may be required if you feel your skin is more problematic and needs stimulation of deeper layers of renewal.
List of All Treatments Offered at this Clinic: Tooth whitening, manicures, skin peels, self-tanning applications, hair removal by electrolysis, Botox, dermal fillers, dietary /slimming products and skin care products (Guinot, Clarins and Arbonne), facials, massage, Intense pulsed light therapy (IPL), application of semi-permanent make-up, slimming products and treatments.

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