Continence Clinics

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NHS Incontinence Clinics

Continence clinics offer support and advice with specially trained continence advisors and physiotherapists without the need to consult a doctor. They are often connected to a hospital, but can also exist independently. You may be referred to a continence clinic by your doctor, but they also accept patients on a self-referral basis.

On visiting a continence clinic, advisors can assess your condition, make a diagnosis, and offer some forms of treatment. After determining which form of incontinence a patient is suffering from, a continence advisor will explain what this means and how it can be treated. They will be able to help by teaching you pelvic floor exercises or bladder training, and can also arrange for physiotherapy sessions if necessary.

Finding a Continence Clinic

In the UK, there are over 360 NHS continence clinics, with specialist teams providing support and medical advice for people with bowel or bladder incontinence. Without the need to inform your GP, these clinics can diagnose and treat incontinence.

Continence clinics can be based in a hospital or in the community, often attached to a health centre. You don’t need to be referred by your GP and you can phone them directly to make an appointment. On your first visit, a continence adviser (usually a nurse who specialises in bowel and bladder problems) will assess you and explain your treatment options.

Continence advisers, and the incontinence physiotherapists who work alongside them, are particularly good at teaching pelvic floor exercises to women with stress incontinence (sudden leaks) and bladder training to women with urge incontinence (regular urges to use the toilet). They can also issue pelvic-floor-strengthening devices, such as vaginal cones, and continence pads and products and explain how to use them.

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Mr Nicholas Morris is a highly experienced Gynaecologist and pelvic floor surgeon. He specialises in helping women improve vaginal function in particular after childbirth. He prides himself on his individualised care. He runs clinics in London, Birmingham and Kent. For further details please contact his pa on 02073908041