Day-time Incontinence in Children

One cause of daytime incontinence in children is infrequent voiding – this is when someone voluntarily holds urine rather than going to the toilet. This can happen when children are in a strange place and do not know where the toilet is; if they are too shy to ask to be excused; if they don’t want to go to the toilet in a certain place, such as school; or if they don’t want to leave something they are enjoying to go to the bathroom. This can also lead to a urinary tract infection.

Other causes of daytime incontinence in children include having a small bladder capacity, becoming anxious or stressed, being constipated, or having a urinary tract infection.

Problems after Toilet Training

In some occasions, a child who is normally fully toilet-trained will begin to wet the bed or have accidents during the day. This can be down to anxiety, such as when about to start school or if their parents are splitting up; or it could be evidence of another health condition, such as urinary tract infection, constipation, or diabetes. In these circumstances, you should contact your doctor.