Incontinence Products

There are a wide variety of different incontinence protective products, which can be worn during the day or at night to prevent leaking. They will absorb urine, and therefore can also help to prevent skin irritations which are often caused by the skin being constantly wet. Most incontinence products can hold about a cup full of urine. The range of available incontinence protection includes disposable incontinence pads and pants, or re-useable underwear. Some of these products can be worn in conjunction with normal underwear, while others are worn in place of underwear. This way, you can choose which product best suits your needs – you may wish to consider the following factors:

  • Whether you would prefer something discreet, or something which offers more protection
  • How readily you will need to replace your incontinence protection
  • Cost and availability of each type of protection
  • How comfortable the product is

Many people suffering from incontinence prefer to wear dark-coloured trousers so that any staining is less noticeable. Men may choose to wear a penile sheath, while some women like to wear sanitary towels to prevent leaking during exercise. It is also possible to buy bed protection, from waterproof mattress covers to absorbent pads, which dry instantly. Incontinence products can be bought in chemists, or bought online – which allows you to avoid any embarrassment you may feel buying them in person. Some health services, such as the NHS, offer some continence products on prescription.