Stress Incontinence Artificial Sphincter

For men suffering from stress incontinence, surgeons are able to place an artificial sphincter, which will act as a valve to control the flow of urine, at the beginning of the urethra. The sphincter is essentially a silicone cuff placed around the urethra, which inflates to prevent urine from passing through. The cuff is controlled by a pump and balloon, which are placed in the scrotum and pelvic area respectively. This procedure can cause painful bruising and swelling, and as such is only recommended as a last resort. In addition to this, it is estimated that approximately 60% of men who undergo this procedure will need a repeat operation after 10 years.

Following any surgery, you may experience temporary problems with emptying your bladder, and may also need to use a catheter to collect urine for up to a week. A catheter is a tube which is inserted into the bladder which collects urine into an external bag.