Living with Incontinence

Living with incontinence can be traumatic and debilitating – many people find they want to reduce their participation in social events or are embarrassed about going to work. However, it is still possible to live a normal life while suffering from incontinence!

Coping with Incontinence

There are many ways in which incontinence can be managed in order to make your life easier and less restrictive. Wearing sanitary towels or incontinence pads can help to prevent your clothes from staining, and from urine seeping through, as well as allowing you to feel confident enough to enjoy a largely unrestricted social life. There are many support groups which offer advice on aspects of living with incontinence, such as travelling or enjoying an uninterrupted sex life.

Continuing a Normal Life

People who suffer from incontinence needn’t feel housebound due to worries about accessing public toilets – the Bladder and Bowel Foundation have produced a Just Can’t Wait card, which can be shown in shops, restaurants and other public places – although this does not guarantee access to staff toilets if public toilets are unavailable.

It is also possible to have a normal sex life despite suffering from incontinence – the NHS recommend avoiding excess consumption of fluids and emptying the bladder prior to having sex. Any small leakages which do occur may not even be noticed by your partner. It may also be beneficial to have some form of bed protection.