Does Cancer affect Sleep?

Many cancer sufferers will find that their sleeping patterns are greatly altered and this comes as no surprise due to the stress that their body is under. You may find that you suffer from both excessive daytime sleepiness and physical fatigue. Therefore, you may find that you could fall asleep at any point during the day and lack energy.

The symptoms of sleepiness and fatigue that you may be experiencing can be down to a number of different factors. For example, you may have already been suffering from a sleep disorder before you were diagnosed with cancer, and you should then be treated for the sleep disorder just like anyone else. The cancer may only have exaggerated your sleep disorder. The drugs you are taking for your cancer could be causing the sleepiness and fatigue, and if it is seriously affecting your day and nighttime routines then you should consult your doctor to see if there are any alternatives.

To cure your fatigue, you may need to exert some energy and try going for a slow walk outside. This will often reduce the fatigue and may also make you feel brighter and reduce depressive symptoms. If you do develop depression through your diagnosis, then you should seek therapy for this, as sleep is vitally important for anyone, let alone cancer sufferers.

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