Is 8 hours of Sleep Enough?

To put a particular time limit on the amount of sleep we should get is wrong. Every single one of us will differ slightly in our sleeping patterns and the correct sleeping pattern is the one that is right for you and you alone. I’m sure you will have heard people exclaim, ‘you need more sleep than that!’ However, someone who gets ten hours sleep compared to someone who only gets seven may not differ as drastically as you may think. Many people wrongly assume that more sleep is better for you, and hence the weekend lie-ins to make up for lost sleep during the week. However, someone who sleeps for approximately seven hours a night, everyday of the week, will probably feel more refreshed and energized than the people who enjoy a weekend lie-in. This is because they have established a good routine, and their body is ready to begin at the same time everyday. Whereas, if you lie-in, you will probably find it still takes a while to get going.

To have the amount of sleep you feel is right, and to maintain that sleep time everyday of the week will most probably leave you feeling more refreshed. It does not matter how long you can sleep for, but it matters that you get the right balance between sleep quantity and the quality of this sleep. If you sleep for a long time but wake up repeatedly, this is generally not as efficient as sleeping for a shorter time, but with no disturbances.

Therefore, the amount of hour’s sleep that is enough is the amount of time it takes for you to feel refreshed, alert and ready for the day ahead.

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