What is Sleep Deprivation?

Quite simply, sleep deprivation occurs when someone does not receive the right amount of sleep that their body needs and their body becomes in need of sleep. Sleep deprivation has been know to be used as a form of torture before, which evidently shows the impact sleep deprivation must have on people.

If your body becomes deprived of sleep, it can seriously affect your health both mentally and physically, especially if the sleep debt that you run up one night is not restored the next. You may begin to experience extreme tiredness during the day, lack of concentration and irritability with other people. As this progresses, and the body becomes more and more sleep deprived, you could begin to show signs of depression and ill health.

Quite simply, it is vitally important that you do not deprive your body of sleep. If you are experiencing some form of sleep deprivation, you should assess your sleeping pattern immediately and try and improve your sleep.

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