Why do I Snore?

Your snoring could be down to a number of different factors, and sometimes by eliminating certain things, you may find the root cause of your snoring, for example, snoring can be caused by simple things such as alcohol, lack of exercise, sleeping positions, an allergy etc. Therefore, by ridding/adding certain things to you lifestyle, you may find the cure to your snoring.

Snoring stems from vibrations that are made within your airway system, normally caused by some form of blockage. Many people will snore at night due to the relaxed muscles when we sleep and the position we sleep in causing the blockage that then causes snoring. As it is an internal thing, it may be more difficult to diagnose and it also means it is not always directly curable. However, there are measures that can be made to reduce the amount of snoring and ease your bedtime routine. You will need time and perseverance in many cases to find the right solution for you. 

Snoring can also be the problem of a more deep-rooted cause such as obesity, Sleep Apnoea and many more. You will probably be able to find your cause by assessing your daytime and nighttime activities. If your snoring does become a problem then you should seek medical advice to see what options there are available for you.

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