Living with Sleep-Walking & Sleep-Talking

There are several steps you can take if you suffer from sleep talking or sleep walking.  Try following a healthy sleeping pattern (read Factors Affecting Sleeping Patterns) and monitoring your sleep-activities with a sleep diary. Only in a small number of cases will further treatment be needed.  If there is cause for concern for yourself or someone you know, then there are treatments and sleep clinics that may be able to help you.

Factors that are likely to initiate sleep-walking and sleep-talking are:

Therefore, try to avoid any of these should you fear you are suffering from these forms of parasomnias. Many people may wrongly assume that taking something to aid them into a deeper sleep, e.g. alcohol or sleeping pills, will prevent them from moving or talking during their sleep. However, they will only antagonize a less deep-sleep and allow for more disruptions.

Other conditions that may involve sleep-walking are:

It is important that you analyse your sleeping pattern properly so a proper diagnosis can be given and you are treated for the right sleep-disorder. Once you have been given a full diagnosis you may be prescribed the right medication (should it be necessary) for you and in some cases natural methods such as hypnosis can be helpful.

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