Effects of Restless Legs Syndrome

Like all sleep disorders, Restless Legs Syndrome can take its toll on you, causing problems both physically and mentally. Equally, people do leave this disorder unnoticed and untreated which can cause further problems. Restless Legs Syndrome is generally a lifelong condition and may disappear for weeks to months on end, but it does normally re-appear (except in pregnant women cases). However, even though it is a lifelong condition, this does not mean that it is completely hopeless to do anything about it and let it affect your life. There are solutions available and with support, you should be able to have a good night’s sleep once again.

Due to its disruptive nature on your sleep, Restless Legs Syndrome could seriously affect your waking life. Anyone who suffers from a sleep disorder is at a higher risk of road traffic accidents and of accidents when operating heavy machinery at work. Equally, if all of these are avoided, your mental state may still be affected. Lack of sleep can cause anxiety and stress, and provides symptoms linked to those of depression, which could lead to a wrong diagnosis. This will be more likely if you are not as aware of the jerking movements that may occur during your sleep. In minor cases of the disorder, people may not report a horrendously disturbed night’s sleep. However, if you do experience the symptoms, it would be advised to assess the condition sooner rather than later when the condition could worsen. Mild sufferers may only notice the sensations should they be awake and when they are still for a longer period of time than usual e.g. on a plane.

Anxiety and irritability that can be caused through the lack of sleep may have consequences on your work life, as you may not concentrate as well and relationships with your colleagues may break down due to your shorter patience span. Equally, relationships at home may be affected, either with your irritability making it difficult to communicate with you, or your partner may also suffer from disturbed night’s sleep due to your spontaneous movements.

Secondary causes of Restless Legs Syndrome may be more easily cured with a change in  medication or lifestyle.  Dietary supplements have been known to be helpful in these cases.

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