Buy The Best E-cigarettes

If you carry out a quick online search for e-cigarettes, you may be taken aback by the number of results and links. E-cigarettes have become big business in the last few years and there are now lots of different brands and types available; this can make it confusing if you are trying to buy an e-cigarette, especially if this is the first time you are trying e-cigarettes. Here are some tips to help you choose safe and effective products and avoid scams:

Be wary of offers, which promise free trials: the Internet is awash with discounts and special offers, but be wary of scams. Avoid any adverts or pages that offer free trials, as they often tie you into a regular payment scheme in the small print; you may get the cigarette for free, for example, but be obliged to buy new liquid every month at a substantial cost.

Be careful when you buy online: online shopping is much harder to regulate than other forms of retail and there may be defective and potentially harmful products on sale. Look for approved manufacturers and check the nicotine dose before you buy.

Avoid rock bottom prices: you often hear people saying, ‘you get what you pay for’ and this is often true when it comes to e-cigarettes; they may be very cheap, but the quality is often reflected in the price and it’s usually better to pay that bit more to ensure better quality. Often, buying a kit works out at better value.

According to the most recent statistics from the Health and Social Care Information Centre, almost 1 in 5 UK adults smoked in 2014; although this represents a decrease since 2012 and 2011, smoking is still the primary preventable cause of many serious illnesses in the UK and it costs the NHS around £2.7 billion per year according to the British Medical Association. If you add this to working days lost to illness, the cost to the UK economy rises by another £2 billion.

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