Health Benefits Of E-cigarettes

The jury is still very much out on the benefits of using e-cigarettes, as they are relatively new and the long-term implications of their use remain unknown. However, initial findings have been positive and many health experts believe them to be a much less harmful means of smoking than using traditional cigarettes. Although nicotine is highly addictive and it has a number of harmful effects on the body, using e-cigarettes is less harmful than traditional cigarettes because it does not expose you to the countless other dangerous substances contained within normal cigarettes.

There is debate among experts, but a recent report compiled for Public Health England suggested that using e-cigarettes could be up to 95 per cent less harmful than smoking normal cigarettes. Many of the problems caused by cigarettes occur as a result of the combustion stage and the release of toxic chemicals, most notably, carbon monoxide and tar. Cigarettes contain a number of substances which have been identified as carcinogens (cancer-causing chemicals) and the process of inhaling smoke contributes to severe respiratory diseases. In the absence of many of these harmful chemicals and inhaling smoke, e-cigarettes present a much safer option.

Professor of respiratory medicine at London’s King College Hospital, Dr John Moxham, suggested that it would be “public health tragedy” to discourage smokers from swapping normal cigarettes for e-cigarettes; Prof Moxham, who is also chairman of ASH (Action on Smoking and Health), believes that vaping is a much safer option than smoking and people who wish to make the switch in order to cut down or give up should be encouraged to do so.

Surveys have also suggested that using e-cigarettes can also help to ease symptoms commonly experienced by smokers, such as coughing and impaired taste.

Using e-cigarettes also helps to reduce the dangers of passive smoking. Passive smoking, also known as second hand smoke, is known to increase the risk of several potentially serious health problems and is particularly dangerous for children. With vaping, no smoke is emitted and this means that you can smoke safely around other people.

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