Types of E-cigarettes

There are various different types of e-cigarette available, including:

Disposable e-cigarettes: disposable cigarettes are readily available, cheap and convenient; however, they often lack the quality of kits and products that are designed to last longer. The cost of disposable cigarettes ranges from less than £5 to around £12; although the initial outlay is lower than investing in a kit, the long-term cost is significantly higher and if you’re planning to use e-cigarettes for a period of time, it may be worth paying more initially. Disposable e-cigarettes can be beneficial if you’re out and about and your e-cigarette runs out; they may also be useful for those who wish to try e-cigarettes for the first time.

Regular e-cigarettes: when e-cigarettes first came about, they were commonly made from 3 parts, which included the cartridge, the battery and the atomiser. There were issues with atomisers and most products now contain the atomiser within a cartridge, which is disposable. In this case, the atomisers tend to be more effective and if you do get a faulty one, you simply dispose of the cartridge, rather than the entire e-cigarette.

Regular e-cigarettes often come as part of a kit, which usually contains liquid, a rechargeable battery and USB port and filters. There are lots of different flavour liquids on offer and you can choose different strength filters; as you cut down, you can gradually reduce the amount of nicotine to reduce withdrawal symptoms and get your body and brain used to lower levels.

There are lots of different brands of e-cigarettes around and it is worth shopping around, doing some research and asking for advice; you can buy e-cigarettes from retailers (there is a growing number of high street stores) and online; if you’re buying e-cigarettes, try to resist deals that look too good to be true and go for reputable brands. It is often worth paying a little more to ensure higher quality. Although the market is currently not regulated, it is advisable to buy products that are marked with the ECITA logo (Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association).

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