Popular Reasons For Giving Up Smoking

Everyone has their reasons for smoking and also, for trying to quit. Common examples of motivating factors include:

Poor health and illness: many people are aware that smoking causes risks to their health, but until something goes wrong, these risks can seem unlikely or unreal. If you are diagnosed with a condition linked to smoking or you suffer from poor general health, this may make you more determined to give up to try and boost your health and reduce the risk of more serious illnesses. You may also be more inclined to give up smoking if somebody close to you becomes ill. 

Children’s health: smoking affects the people around you, as smoke lingers in the environment for up to 3 hours after you have had a cigarette. Passive smoking is particularly dangerous for children and can increase the risk of asthma, coughs and colds and cot death in babies. Many parents use their children as motivation to give up smoking.

Saving money: the cost of smoking has increased significantly in the last decade and a packet of 20 cigarettes will now set you back over £8; just 10 years ago, the cost was almost 50 per cent lower. If you smoke on a regular basis, there’s no getting away from the fact that you will spend a lot of money on cigarettes; if you give up smoking, you could use this money for something else; a new car, a meal out, a holiday, new clothes or school uniform for the kids, new toys or simply to free up more money after you’ve paid your mortgage and bills. If you normally smoke 10 cigarettes per day, after one year you will have saved almost £1,500. 

Improved health: many people choose to give up smoking to improve their health and cut their risk of developing potentially life-threatening illnesses, including strokes, heart attacks and cancer. Smoking increases your risk of developing serious diseases significantly, but it is possible to reverse some of the damage and in just a few years, you could dramatically reduce your risk of dying from a smoking-related illness. 

To look and feel better: smoking is known to cause ageing, dull skin and stained teeth and you may wish to give up to make yourself look and feel better. Giving up smoking is a major achievement, which will give you confidence and you’ll notice the benefits almost instantaneously. 

Setting a good example: if you smoke and you have children, your children are statistically more likely to smoke and giving up sets a good example. 

Time: time is precious to most of us and if you give up smoking, you can be sure you’ll never miss anything important again because you’re too busy standing outside having a cigarette. 

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