Common Excuses Used To Avoid Giving Up Smoking

Many smokers admit that they make excuses to avoid giving up; here are some of the most common excuses given by smokers according to the NHS:

  • It’s too late: many people say it’s too late to give up and they’ve already damaged their body, so what’s the point in giving up now? The answer is that giving up at any time in life will produce health benefits and you should never be of the opinion that it’s too late to quit. The body starts to carry out repair work as soon as you quit and you’ll probably be surprised at the difference even a very short period of tie can make when you quit smoking. As well as benefiting yourself, you’ll also be reducing the risk of other people suffering as a result of passive smoking. 
  • I need to smoke to control stress: it’s true that many people view smoking as a stress-buster, but there is no research to back this up and actually, smoking contributes to an increased risk of depression and anxiety in the long-run. If you’re stressed, there are plenty of other therapies and remedies you can try, including breathing exercises, meditation and physical exercise.
  • Giving up will make me put on weight: smoking can help to speed up metabolism, but you won’t necessarily gain weight if you give up smoking and the benefits for your body far outweigh the risks of putting on a couple of pounds. You can avoid gaining weight by eating healthily and doing more exercise. 
  • I won’t be able to socialise if I give up: if all your friends and colleagues smoke, it may seem impossible to try and give up, but you won’t have to sacrifice your social life, especially now that smoking in pubic places is illegal; just think while your friends are smoking out in the freezing cold and rain, you’ll be healthier, happier and much warmer indoors. 
  • I won’t look cool in front of my friends: many young people smoke because their friends do it and there’s a perception that it is cool to be seen smoking. If you’re of this opinion, it’s worth bearing in mind that smoking actually has very detrimental effects on your appearance; it contributes to premature ageing of your skin and also causes yellow nails and stained teeth. 
  • Quitting is impossible: it’s true that quitting smoking is hard, but it’s never impossible and more and more people are managing to make the leap to a smoke-free life. If you think positively, there’s more chance that you will succeed; there’s also loads of help available to you and treatments you can try to make it easier for you to give up for good. 

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