Derma Roller for Acne Scars

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Many of us would agree that one of the most trying parts of being a teenager is having to deal with acne. Unfortunately while for some acne comes and goes without a hitch, others have to put up with longer term consequences of the irksome condition. Acne scars affect more than a few adults, and can be a source of embarrassment and self-consciousness. Treatments for these scars can be costly and long winded, but fortunately the advent of Derma Roller has made way for a simple but effective solution.

How the Derma Roller treats acne scars

Derma Roller is often sought as a treatment for acne scars, and its ability to deliver smooth skin in this capacity comes down to a simple but impressive mechanism of action. The Derma Roller is equipped with 192 specialist surgical micro-needles which form microscopic ruptures in the blood vessels of the dermis, one of the deeper layers of skin. The effect of this is to stimulate our skin’s natural repair abilities, which involves the release of a very important substance found in abundance in healthy, smooth skin: collagen. Collagen has been a part of skin care treatment for years because its usefulness in replenishing skin has been well known, but while collagen injections for example have been effective, they can be costly and time consuming. Derma Roller offers the benefits of increased collagen but in an easy and convenient manner, relying on your body’s ability to heal itself to effectively treat acne scars.

Does Derma Roller effectively treat acne scars?

The stimulation of collagen production is very effective in treating acne scars, which is why Derma Roller is so good at clearing up those unwanted blemishes. Derma Roller is especially effective alongside other treatments like chemical peels, skincare products, and microdermabrasion. That being said Derma Roller can deliver great results on its own given enough time.

How can I use Derma Roller to treat my acne scars?

All you have to do to remove acne scars with Derma Roller is use the roller according to the instruction provided. You can either use the roller once a week, or five times a week with very light pressure. You will need to take care when applying the Dermal Roller to your face as your skin is more sensitive there, and you should also avoid applying the roller to your eyes and lips. Using a quality moisturiser is often a great way to complement the effects of Derma Roller, which allows your skin to better absorb the useful substances within any creams you apply.

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