Sterilising the Derma Roller

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The Derma Roller is a great way for men and women of all ages to refresh and restore their skin to a pristine and natural appearance. It is a simple piece of kit that can be used at a clinic where a trained expert can deliver the treatment safely and to great effect. When using the Derma Roller at home following the right procedure is extremely important, and in particular making sure that the roller itself is kept sterile and clean. Why this is necessary and how to go about it are both discussed in this article.

The need to sterilise the Derma Roller

The way the Derma Roller works is by making tiny perforations in your skin by way of the micro-needles on its surface. These micro-needles penetrate your skin on a microscopic scale, and while that isn’t enough to cause pain or bleeding, it can still be an opening for an infection. Now that doesn’t mean the Derma Roller isn’t safe, on the contrary, the Derma Roller has proven to be an extremely safe and effective tool, but to avoid any risk of infection sterilising and keeping your Derma Roller clean is extremely important.

How to sterilise the Derma Roller

When sterilising the Derma Roller, remember that it is going to be used on your skin, and as such shouldn’t be exposed to harsh or abrasive cleaning materials like bleach or anything similar. The recommended type of cleaning agent is the same agent used to sterilise baby bottles. This product will keep your Derma Roller sterile, while also being gentle enough to avoid irritating your skin. You can find such cleaning agents at most local chemists or grocery stores.

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