Derma Roller for Stretch Marks

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Stretch marks affect a large number of people in the UK and the wider world, and can be a significant nuisance. As they vary in size, stretch marks can sometimes become a major cause of embarrassment if they are large enough and in a visible location. Derma Roller offers what is possibly the simplest solution to stretch marks available at clinics across the UK.

Stretch marks

Your skin is naturally quite elastic, designed to endure the wear of a busy life that will often see it stretching this way and that. There is, however, a limit to the elasticity of your skin, and when stretched to the extent that it tears the result is stretch marks. Stretch marks are, in that sense, quite natural, but they can be quite large and visible, prompting a need to get rid of them.

Stretch marks can affect either sex, although women tend to suffer from the condition more, particularly after a pregnancy for example. The usual areas affected by stretch marks are usually the region around the breasts and stomach, as well as the area of the hips and thighs. When stretch marks affect these parts of the body it can have a particularly bad effect on your self-esteem, limiting your choice of clothing if you feel embarrassed by the marks.

The appearance of stretch marks

Stretch marks start off looking like livid lines across your skin, usually either red or purple in colour. They tend to feel rough to the touch as well, and over time the colouring of the marks fades, becoming much lighter and less noticeable. However these marks often won’t fade completely, and can be more visible than many would like.

Derma Roller and stretch marks

There have been various cream and lotion products offered as stretch mark treatments over the years, with some proving more effective than others. More costly measures like laser surgery are also available. What Derma Roller can offer is a successful treatment you can be confident in at a fraction of the cost of other cosmetic treatments like laser therapy.

You can expect the roller to yield its results through its specialist mode of action. The Roller’s minute surgical needles make microscopic punctures that your skin repairs itself by releasing a material called collagen. Upon the release of collagen you will find your skin returning to its original pristine state, all through the use of a simple tool at your convenience.

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