Does the Derma Roller Work?

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Few pieces of equipment can claim the buzz that surrounds the Derma Roller, a tool now widely used for the cosmetic enhancement of aging or scarred skin. Using a remarkable mechanism by which your skin cells are stimulated to produce a natural material which promotes healing and rejuvenation, the Derma Roller is rapidly becoming one of the most popular skin treatments out there, providing virtually anyone with the chance to restore their skin to its pristine condition.

Effectiveness of Derma Roller as a single treatment

The main factor driving the success of Derma Roller has undoubtedly been its success in delivering young and healthy looking skin. Derma Roller has been proven to remove scarring, as well as the wrinkling and furrowing that happens to skin on your face amongst other parts of your body. Used by both men and women and usable for any part of your body including your face (but excepting your eyes and lips), the Derma Roller’s versatility is matched only by its ability to give you great results.

Effectiveness of Derma Roller in conjunction with other treatments

The unique mechanism by which Derma Roller works enables it to augment the effects of other treatments delivered alongside it. The roller works by making tiny perforations in a deeper layer of skin called the dermis, and this act of microscopic perforation allows for the better uptake of cream or liquid skin treatments, giving your skin the chance to make the most of them. Derma Roller can also be provided alongside chemical peels or abrasion techniques offered at clinics, and has been shown to make these treatments more successful as well.

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