Advantages of Using the Derma Roller

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While most of us would like to opt for a therapy that clears up any skin blemishes or marks, most of the effective treatments available aren’t easy to access or acquire. Derma Roller presents a number of distinct advantages over competitors, and these are discussed in this article to help you decide what kind of skin treatment is best for you.

Mechanism of action

One of the Derma Roller’s unique selling points is the way it works, particularly when compared to other alternative treatments used to replenish your skin. What the roller aims to do is to encourage your skin to start producing a vital substance that is lacking in scarred or wrinkled skin: collagen. Collagen is a material that is responsible for keeping skin young and fresh, and is actually used in a variety of other different cosmetic treatments to similar ends.

Getting your skin to restore itself has the advantage of being very effective and at the same time non-abrasive. Other popular therapies like laser treatment and chemical peels also used to clear wrinkles tend to damage the skin to get it into pristine condition. Lasers resurfacing, for example, involves applying a high energy beam of light which can, potentially, scar your skin because of the harsh nature of the tool.


A range of different uses are possible with Derma Roller, whereas most other skin therapies aim to achieve only one objective. There are creams that aim to reverse the effects of aging, and other methods that attempt to stimulate hair growth or the removal of scars, but in Derma Roller these, and more, are achievable. The device can restore wrinkled and scarred skin to pristine condition, as well as treat cellulite and hair loss. Few hair loss treatments can boast the effectiveness of Derma Roller, and what’s amazing is that that is only one of many functions available in a portable, easy to use tool.

Ease of use

The Derma Roller has been designed as a product that can be used successfully in both a clinic and home setting. As such the actual use of the roller is extremely simple, all you have to do is follow the instructions and slide the roller across the skin you want to treat 4 times in vertical, diagonal, and horizontal directions. You can perform the treatment once a week or as much as 5 times a week provided you do so according to the instructions provided with the roller.


The effectiveness of Derma Roller has been the main driving force behind its popularity as a treatment. Both in the hands of experts in cosmetics and at home, the success of the roller for acne scars, cellulite, hair loss, and wrinkling has been well established.

Low risks

Great results with minimal risk is very much the ideal to which all cosmetic services and products aspire to. This is also a standard which Derma Rollers exemplify, providing many superb benefits with a bare minimum of risk. If you follow the instructions provided you can perform the procedure with no danger to yourself, and receiving the treatment in a clinic is also a good way of minimising risk. Most other popular treatments carry a much larger risk of damage to your skin, and prime examples are chemical peels and laser treatments.

In conjunction with other treatments

Derma Roller is great as a standalone treatment, but can also provide fantastic results alongside other treatments. Acne scars in particular can be effectively and quickly gotten rid of by a combination of Derma Roller and chemical peels. The unique mechanism of Derma Roller’s effects enables your skin to more readily absorb the beneficial nutrients contained within such products. Using Derma Roller alongside other treatments is a great way to drive the repair of your skin, and similarly using it with products that act against hair loss can give you superb results.

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