Side Effects of the Derma Roller

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It’s always advised that you look into the potential side effects of any treatment or therapy that you’re interested in. While most of these that are commonly used have established their safety, it isn’t uncommon to find that popular treatments carry with them some potential side effects. Derma Roller is no different, however, as this article shows, properly used, Derma Roller has minimal side effects.

Potential side effects of the Derma Roller

While the prospect of rolling a surface with just under 200 micro-needles may seem worrying at first, rest assured that the size and design of these needles, which deliver the amazing therapeutic properties of Derma Roller, is such that you will experience no pain or bleeding when used properly. A comforting comparison is to acupuncture, in which fine needles are placed into the skin without incident or pain, but with great results.

If you are using the Derma Roller according to the instructions provided, then the only side-effects you can expect are a slight reddening of your skin after each treatment, which can easily be treated with quality skin creams or sunscreen lotions. The most you’ll feel during the treatment is a slight tickling sensation.

If you use the Derma Roller improperly, for instance too regularly or by applying too much pressure, then there is a risk of bleeding. You should keep the roller away from your eyes and mouth, where the skin is too soft and sensitive for the treatment. Remember that the skin on your face is softer than anywhere else on your body, so take your time and keep the pressure light whilst using the roller. Using a numbing cream is a good way to avoid any discomfort, particularly if you are using the roller once a week but more firmly.

Proper use will give you all the many wonderful benefits the Derma Roller has been designed to provide. Make sure that you go through the instructions provided with the Derma Roller to give you the best experience possible, and remember that if you have any concerns about your skin’s health the safest thing to do is talk to your doctor about your worries. Receiving derma roller treatment at a clinic is the safest option.

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