Laser Skin Resurfacing Contraindications

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Unfortunately laser skin resurfacing is not suitable for absolutely everyone, and there are some reasons why you might not be able to have the procedure.  If you have a history of keloid scarring you ought not to have laser skin rejuvenation, as it could result in very noticeable scarring that you will find very difficult to treat. 

If you are pregnant you ought not to have laser skin resurfacing.  Hormones can seriously affect the appearance of your skin, and can make the tone lighter or darker than it would usually be. This might mean that your treatment will not be successful, and once you have your baby your skin might need further treatment.

People who suffer from acne are often advised to take Accutane as a method to reduce the spots.  It is not advised to undergo laser skin resurfacing if you have any accutane within your blood system, and surgeons will often not provide the treatment if you have taken any in the past eighteen months.

Laser skin resurfacing is not advised for those who have active acne, however it can be used to effectively reduce the scars that can sometimes be left behind.  Any skin infection will need to be cleared before laser skin resurfacing can take place.

Some lasers are not appropriate for certain skin types, and as such you may be advised against the treatment.  Darker skin tones are much more difficult to treat using lasers, and the risks involved are much higher than for people with fair or pale skin.  There are some lasers that can be used, however you must be prepared for a longer recovery time and the possibility of some pigmentation change.

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