Laser Skin Resurfacing for Different Skin Types

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Laser skin resurfacing is a very versatile treatment that can be used to treat many different skin problems.  Before you undergo the treatment your skin will be examined and the skin type and tone decided.  This is usually achieved using the Fitzpatrick scale, a skin type scale with six categories.  The lighter your skin, the lower your category. 

Laser skin resurfacing works best for light or pale skin, those whose skin falls into category one or two of the Fitzpatrick scale.   These people are classed as having pale, or pale and freckled skin that will burn if exposed to the sunlight.  The darker your skin, the more likely it is that you will experience some form of pigmentation change or swelling following the procedure.  It has been reported that for very dark skin it can take up to nine months for the skin to regain its former pigment. 

Other skin types can still be treated, but will need a different or more specialised laser.  It is possible that darker skin tones might respond to laser skin rejuvenation rather than laser skin resurfacing. 

Laser skin resurfacing for light skin

Can be treated with a CO2 laser and is the best form for laser skin resurfacing. 

Laser skin resurfacing for darker skin

It is more likely that you will be treated using an erbium laser than a CO2, as this laser is less likely to cause any pigmentation damage. 

It is important that you discuss your options with your practitioner as they will be able to tell you which laser will suit you skin better, and if laser skin resurfacing is the right treatment for your skin condition. 

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