Laser Skin Resurfacing Results

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The results of laser skin resurfacing do vary according to your skin type and your reasons for having the treatment.  It is important that you are very realistic in your expectations of the procedure, and don’t count on completely flawless skin immediately afterwards. 

Laser skin resurfacing does have a very high success rate, and is especially good at removing small scars, improving your skins health and reducing any pigmentation changes.  These results might not be seen instantly, and you may have to wait some weeks to see an improvement after your laser skin resurfacing procedure.  Initially your skin will appear red and slightly swollen, however once this is reduced and your skin begins to recover you will start to see the results.

Laser skin resurfacing does work better for lighter skin colours, and these individuals are likely to see better results than those who have a darker skin tone.  Harsher treatments can be given to lighter skin, with less risk of side effects occurring.  This means that larger problems such as scars can be better targeted if you have lighter coloured skin.    

It is important that you are realistic about the results that you expect following laser skin resurfacing, and that you get some idea of what the procedure could do for you from your practitioner.  They are likely to be able to show you photographs of previous clients who had similar problems to you.  This will allow you to envision how it could help with your skin.   

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