Laser Skin Resurfacing Preparation

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Before you undertake the laser skin resurfacing process it is very likely that your practitioner will ask you to prepare your skin for the procedure.  Applying creams to your skin can help to improve the health of it, so allowing it the best chance to heal well following the laser treatment.  Sometimes practitioners give oral medication to take before the treatment.  These are either anti-bacterial or anti-yeast tablets to help prevent the outbreak of any infection or virus that might hamper your skins healing. 

Smoking is not advised while you are undergoing the procedure, and most practitioners will advise you to give up altogether.  Smoking is harmful to the healing process, and might prevent your skin from healing successfully due to the reduced amount of oxygen getting to the affected area.

It is possible that you will be asked to stop taking any herbal medications that you are on, as these might affect the treatment and your recovery.  Eating healthy foods rich in vitamins ought to help prepare your skin for the treatment. 

You will be informed of any preparations to undertake during your consultation, and your practitioner will explain why these measures are necessary.  

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