Is Intra-Cervical Insemination for me?

Intra-Cervical Insemination (ICI) is an extremely popular and cost effective fertility method which can be a solution to your fertility problems. That being said, ICI is only really an effective treatment if you and your fertility issues meet certain criteria, and so this article discusses where ICI is suitable, and where it isn’t the best option.

What is ICI?

ICI is a method of artificial insemination which takes sperm and places it within a woman’s reproductive anatomy to give it a chance to access an egg, fertilise it, and become a growing embryo. The technique makes use of a raw sperm sample, which means that it is untreated and inserted as it is within semen into the cervix.

Is ICI for me?

ICI is an immensely useful technique for same sex couples and single mothers who want to get pregnant, and provided they are fertile is extremely effective at a relatively minimal cost when compared to other fertility treatments. In these instances donor sperm is available from a sperm bank, and the sample is used for the procedure as it would normally be done.

ICI is also a good choice for many couples where the male partner is facing difficulty in ejaculating during intercourse (usually because of impotence or premature ejaculation), provided that the woman involved is ovulating regularly either naturally or as a consequence of a fertility drug.

Finally ICI is an effective method of inseminating a surrogate mother who has no fertility issues. This remains a topic of considerable legal, ethical, and religious debate both here in the UK and in the wider world, but as far as procedures by which fertilisation can achieve are concerned, ICI is effective to this end.

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