How do I Know if I’m Pregnant?

Finding out whether you are pregnant or not is a fairly straightforward process, as some of the signs can be easily noticed by you or others, and if you suspect a pregnancy then tests are readily available from supermarkets and chemists alike.

Am I pregnant?

If you have recently had sexual intercourse and are concerned about whether or not you are pregnant, then there are a couple of key signs which you should look out to. The most noticeable effect of conception for women is the disruption of a normal menstrual cycle, meaning that, basically, your periods stop. This is the first sign that many women will act on by going to acquire and over the counter pregnancy test. These little urine tests are great as they are convenient and easy to use, but they aren’t necessarily 100% and can give you what is called a false positive. If your urine tests positive for pregnancy, then you should go to your GP who will arrange a more comprehensive test to give you a definite answer.

The over the counter pregnancy test works by testing your urine for a protein that is only produced during pregnancy, and the average test will go blue after you urinate on the stick to give a positive. More recent versions of this classic test can tell you how far long you are, although these can also be inaccurate at times.

Can I take a pregnancy test straightaway?

You can take a pregnancy test, and rely on its results, a few days after you have missed a period. If you have a very regular cycle then you don’t have to wait long after you are due, but if you have a more variable cycle then it is advisable that you wait a little while before going ahead with your pregnancy test so as to avoid an unreliable result.

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