Success Rates of IVF

The chance of a successful pregnancy through IVF is affected by age and health, just like natural pregnancy. 1% of births per year in the UK are a result of IVF treatment. The average success rate across the board is approximately 25%, but these statistics can be further broken down by age. The HFEA provided average rates of success across UK clinics in different age groups.

  • Under 35's were most likely to have a successful pregnancy, with a 32.3% national success rate
  • This then dropped to 27.7% between the ages of 35 and 37
  • Between 38 and 39, the success rate drops to 19.2%
  • Between 40 and 42 the success rate reaches 11.9%
  • Over 43 years success rates are reduced to below 10%, the rates between 43 and 44 being 3.4% and finally dropping to 3.1% for above 44

Rates of success vary depending on choices made during the procedure, for example ICSI has higher rates of success than conventional IVF treatment. ICSI IVF treatments represent 44% of IVF treatments which take place in the UK.

If you are using private healthcare be sure to check the success rate at the clinic as they can vary, especially if they offer a variety of techniques.

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