Specialist Treatment for Infertility

As with most any health issue, the first step in looking for an infertility treatment will be your GP. They will first run fertility tests to make a diagnosis and confirm that you are in fact infertile or sub-fertile. If you are not eligible for NHS funding then you may have to look into private treatment.

Finding and choosing a fertility clinic

Your doctor may refer you to a private infertility specialist or you may prefer to research what you think is best for you, you can do this by checking with your local directory or using internet sources. When choosing which private clinic to use, you should consider the following:

  • Success rates in your age group at that clinic compared to the national average
  • Price of treatment: treatment packages may be offered which include tests and consultations as well as the procedure itself. Be sure to check what is included in the package as extra tests can be expensive
  • Extra services available: you should consider whether you will require counselling services etc.
  • Specialities at the clinic: some clinics may specialised in certain age groups etc.
  • HFEA registration: The HFEA is the UK’s fertility authority, and has on its website a list of fertility clinics that meet its rigorous standards of care. The HFEA ensures that infertility treatments are all provided to the best clinic ability in clinics across the country.

Fertility treatments abroad

You may even want to look at your options abroad. Clinics abroad can offer you competitive prices and may specialise in areas which you are interested in. However be sure to check regulations in that country. Some countries may restrict the amount of eggs that can be frozen, how long they can be frozen for, and may limit you when it comes to taking donations especially to unmarried couples.

Booking treatment with a clinic

You will either be recommended to a clinic by your GP or doctor, or if you are searching for a private clinic yourself, then you need to contact them directly. Before you can book an appointment you will need to have a consultation. If you are not eligible for NHS funding then you will need to pay for this yourself through a private provide. Private providers do have their advantages however, waiting lists can be virtually non-existent for example.

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