Private Infertility Treatment

There is a lot of variety in the provision of infertility care between different NHS trusts. Some will be able to offer, for example, the full 3 cycles of IVF you are entitled to if you are eligible, while others will struggle to offer you one fully funded cycle. It all comes down to individual trusts and their funding bodies, the local PCTs. Even if your NHS trust can offer you fertility treatments like IVF, there are often other limitations like extensive waiting lists which are based on prioritizing couples who don’t have any children. 

Furthermore if you aren’t eligible for NHS infertility treatment because of, for example your age, then you might be looking for an alternative which is available through private fertility clinics. The NHS doesn’t offer its fertility treatments to people over the age of 39, which is a severe limitation to older couples looking to conceive.

Going private for your fertility treatments

If you do decide to opt for private treatment you will be privy to such advantages as quick and efficient treatment without the hassle of waiting lists, and provided you are able to fund your treatment there are no eligibility criteria to meet. There are however, some factors you should take into consideration prior to going ahead with private treatment.

Selecting an appropriate fertility clinic is obviously a major first step. Does the clinic offer the treatment you are looking for? Or does it provide you with the opportunity to be investigated fully to find the specific cause of infertility? The success rates the clinic reports are also extremely important as you want to give yourself the best possible chance for a successful pregnancy, and these figures can vary immensely from clinic to clinic.

The Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority (HFEA) lists clinics in the UK licensed to provide quality fertility treatments. The HFEA is an independent government institution that maintains high standards in UK clinics by regulating and monitoring them. Information on individual clinics is usually available from the HFEA website, and further advice is easy to get from your GP if you ask for it.

You should ensure that whatever prices you are quoted fully include everything you need, and don’t just involve treatment. There are other things to pay for around private treatments that can be added on top, including the cost of scans, tests, medications, and consultation fees.

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