Paying for IVF Privately

In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is available both on the National Health Service and privately, giving you the flexibility to choose a free service (if you are eligible) or a private service which, while costly, can be much more specialised and far more efficient.

Cost of IVF

The price of IVF will depend on how many IVF cycles are needed before a successful pregnancy. A single treatment can cost between £2000 and £5000 and usually costs about £3000, although this does not take into account the cost of consultation fees (up to £300), fertility tests, blood tests and ultrasounds.

The cost of treatment will vary depending on the private clinic you choose to go to. Some clinics are not regulated by an official body like the HFEA, so may not fall into the typical price bracket. It is important to check what is included before choosing a clinic as extra services, such as fertility drugs, transportation fees (if your eggs have to be shipped to another clinic), and counselling services, can all run up the actual cost of your treatment.

What Effects The Cost of IVF

Prices differ greatly as the cost depends on the clinic and what treatments they use. There are a few different methods of IVF around, and some clinics invest more than others in certain technologies and hence charge more for their services. Treatment will be more expensive if you need to use more cycles of IVF to achieve a successful pregnancy, use specialist treatments such as ICSI, as well as where you receive the treatment (costs will differ abroad), and the amount of extra services that you require, such as tests and counselling services.

Paying for IVF

Most private clinics will provide a number of different payment options to make IVF affordable and accessible. These can include financing options which can help many couples better manage the cost of private IVF treatment.

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